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Visa Free Countires You Can Visit And Have A Good Time




A large number of Nigerians shy away from vacations and trips outside the country as they remain hesitant to take on the stress of visa applications or endure the disappointment that comes with being rejected.

Fortunately, some countries have waived the documentation processes, offering free visa to Nigerians for a limited period of time, long enough to have a rewarding vacation as well as an extraordinary new experience.

While these visa free countries which range from big cities to islands are numerous, there are some locations that boast of jaw-dropping scenery, new hotels and tours, high style and world-class shopping, unrivaled art, culture, emerging food scenes, and special events that make them alluring.

Need some inspiration to plan your next trip? has selected 5 of these visa-free destinations perfect for the ultimate vacation with hope that the recommendations will help point Nigerians toward their next vacation destination.


Unlike Calabar in  Nigeria, Mascarene Islands in Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometers off the southeast coast of the African continent. From the exquisite blend of African, Chinese and even Indian cuisines to the scenic islands off the country’s coastline and spectacular lagoons, as well as extensive public beaches, it features attractions for everyone. Again, it is loaded with historic sights and showcases cultural diversity which spun boundless activities for tourists.


Cape Verde

A country on the African continent, Cape Verde is often praised for its stability and evolving progress despite its limitations in the area of natural resources as its people are richer and better educated than almost anywhere on the continent. An arrow-shaped archipelago which features endless luxury accommodations and rich music with its people famed for being ‘morabeza’ (Creole for hospitality), you are bound to be enchanted by this paradisiacal destination


The best destination to experience the sunny side of life, Maldives- located southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea– features a scenic collection of blue waters and soft sands. With about 1,000 islands, incomparable resorts and pristine beaches, the location is a feast for the eyes, justifying the reason for tourism being the country’s biggest the single largest contributor to their GDP. Visitors are bound to fall in love with the clear and warm waters, the diving and snorkeling opportunities, vibrant markets as well as trendy shopping districts and of course, the unrivalled luxury.



If you have seen the movie ‘Madagascar’, you already have an idea of how unique an experience the world’s fourth-largest island can give. Endowed  with ancient history which translates a rich multicultural background, remarkable fauna and flora , epic landscapes of an incredible diversity and several tourist sites, the  destination holds a strong attraction for adventurous and nature loving travelers.


So picturesque it looks like a dream, Seychelles is a 115-island country which lies east of mainland Southeast Africa with the smallest population of any independent African state. Aside from being one of the most popular destination for lovers or honeymooners, it offers the visitors a myriad attractions and activities including diving and snorkeling, boat excursions, jungle and coastal walks, and fishing. It has a wide array of wide life in its marine parks and natural reserves. Visitors will enjoy the country’s plenty self-catering facilities, palatable cuisines and luxury accommodations…an experience quite like that received at the Obudu cattle ranch.


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