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Useful Mobile Apps for students



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Technological innovations have over time continually made life easier in many aspects of our everyday lives, and one of such ways is through the development of various mobile apps to help students in different aspects of their school life. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 useful mobile apps for students.


With the Dropbox app there is no need for students to fear losing their notes, projects or coursework anymore. Students can upload different files (like documents, photos, videos etc.) in the app’s cloud and access them online if they ever need them from any device, all that’s needed is an internet connection. The Dropbox apps also allows you easily share files without losing important data.


This app is popularly referred to as the world’s biggest online library and rightly so, because it is a digital library and audiobook subscription service that helps students find millions of different documents and books useful for their studies. With the Scribd app, students can also create their own library with different notes, texts and books that they need and share them with friends or fellow course mates.

With how students sometimes get words mixed up, it is a marvel that more students don’t have at least one dictionary app on their mobile devices. is a great dictionary app that makes it easy to find the definitions, synonyms and antonyms of words you are not sure about or don’t know of. As a bonus, the application also allows you to see the words people around you are searching for to help increase your knowledge pool.


RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This app is prefect for maths, advanced maths, business and engineering students because of its wide variety of features and functions that makes maths calculations much easier. With this app, you don’t need to bother about carrying a scientific calculator up and down, you can easily use the app on any of your mobile devices.


Google Drive

With Google Drive, students can take notes, draw diagrams, create spreadsheets, build presentations and save them all in the app’s cloud. The files saved are accessible from every mobile device as long as there is an Internet connection. Google Drive is basically a collection of ‘cloud based “Office” apps’ with capabilities for spreadsheets, documents, presentations, diagrams etc. The drive has surplus space – more than enough to meet the needs of an average student – however, if a students runs out of space he/she can pay for more.


This app is basically for viewing visual presentations of different topics and subjects that students might be interested in. The app revolves around viewing, sharing and saving these presentation files for offline access.

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