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The English writer, George Orwell wrote about the emergence of a Big Brother State in his well-received novel, ‘1984’. He died in 1950 but his evergreen work was a foreshadowing of the emergence of a global Big Brother State without borders with the rise of the LGBT movement.
With the aid of their straight allies in power – Barack Obama, David Cameron and some other world leaders, they got their sinister desire in achieving ‘equality’ through the legalization of gay marriage in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Norway, France, Ireland, Iceland, Mexico, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Portugal.
In the aforementioned countries, it is illegal to speak openly against gay marriage as it always comes with brutal sanctions. Felix Ngole, a Cameroonian student of social work at the University of Sheffield was expelled for expressing his anti-gay beliefs on Facebook. Damian Goddard a Canadian broadcaster was fired for expressing his anti-gay beliefs on twitter. Aaron Klein and his wife Melissa were forced to pay damages of more than $135,000 simply because they refused to bake a cake for a ‘lesbian’ couple. Their flourishing business, Sweet Cakes was forced to close down as the damage payment badly affected them. The insidious agenda of the LGBT movement is to coerce everyone to accept their harmful and repugnant agenda.
Not satisfied with inflicting mental and emotional torture on their citizens, they turned their eyes to Africa. The beautiful bride was Madiba Nelson Mandela whom they convinced to buy into their agenda which he wholeheartedly did by using his influence to ensure that gay marriage was legalized in the rainbow country in 2006. As a reward, he was given the Nobel Peace Prize and has his statue opposite Westminster. ‘Archbishop’ Desmond Tutu also followed suit with his infamous statement ‘I would rather go to hell than worship a homophobic god.’ He smiled with glee as his divorced daughter married her long term female partner. Kofi Annan is another ardent supporter of the agenda.
The yet unsatisfied liberals then turned their eyes to Nigeria which was attractive as the most populous black nation on earth. Despite the foibles of the Nigerian Senate, I commend them under the leadership of David Mark in blocking the depopulation agenda. Goodluck Jonathan also earned my respect in standing up to the bullies as Obama and Cameron were ranting like spoilt high school lads by threatening to stop foreign aid to supposed Sovereign nations that failed to tow their destructive line.
Having failed in the legislature, they hurriedly turned to the media and they found a worthy ally in Red Media Africa, the organisers of the popular Future Awards. One of the co-founders, Chude Jideonwo has boldly expressed his support for gay rights. First he wrote an article captioned ‘Why the anti-gay bill sickens me’ which he placed strategically in CNN in 2011. In an interview with the popular talk show hostess, Kadaria Ahmed he said that ‘My belief in gay rights is deeply rooted.’ ‘I have gay friends. Being gay is not a disease.’
Right thinking Nigerians failed to buy into the demonic ideology and so the local agents reminiscent of the African chiefs in the slave trade era swiftly turned to Bobrisky, a ‘celebrity’ who was described as the Snapchat King to get the Nigerian populace to buy into their phony acceptance agenda. Enough is Enough, a liberal advocacy platform founded by Jideonwo organised a conference on the New Media and Governance where they also invited Bashir Ahmad, the personal assistant on new media and Subomi Plumptre of the highly regarded Alder Consulting to share the stage with Idris Okuneye a.k.a Bobrisky so as to tell the ‘good news’ to their insatiable paymasters that Nigerians were now open to ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’.
I commend Ahmad and Plumptre for walking out of the event. They have shown rare courage that Nigeria is not a dumping ground for all manner of hocus pocus.
What is the driving force behind the gay agenda in Africa you may ask? It is simple: Africa represents a new market for their economic expansion quest.
It is a well-known fact that two gay men cannot biologically reproduce. What happens is that one of them takes his sperm to an impoverished nation like India, inserts it in the womb of a lady and then takes the baby back home while paying her a mere piddling. The massive poverty in Africa partly caused by the anti-people policies of these gay backing nations and their international donor agency allies will make Africa a fertile ground for poverty stricken girls to rent out their wombs to give these depraved men the babies they so desperately seek. Chude Jideonwo sees nothing wrong in being a willing tool for the emotional, psychological and mental destruction of his fellow African sisters all because of his rabid craze for ephemeral money, power, fame and influence. How wicked has the heart of man sunk!
Many gay men suffer from anal fissures and this has opened up a new market for anal reconstructive surgeries which makes the surgeons smile to the banks. The LGBT agenda also fuels a high demand for lubricants. What about the fact that many of these people suffer from severe mental health challenges which will invariably open up a new vista of opportunities for psychiatrists to make a killing. Never mind the cheap propaganda peddled by the American Psychiatrist Association when the removed it from the list of mental disorders in 1973. My close association with some of them makes my heart weep at the heart wrenching torture they go through on a daily basis simply because they have been brainwashed to buy the scam of its being natural.
While in England, an ex-gay came out and disclosed that with the aid of conversion therapy, he overcame it and was now in a happy marital relationship. He was booed and almost stoned by the mob that was livid with anger that their market was being severely threatened. This explains why it has become a crime to attempt to convert a gay to straight. All the Transport for London buses have the slogan ‘Some are born gay, just get over it’ to reinforce the nature argument.
Until we Africans reject imperialism and the small minded African minions that shamefully carry on from where the African Chiefs in the days of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade stopped, the continent would never develop.
Since there is a law that expressly banned same-sex marriages, a sane country should have proscribed all gay backing organisations like Red Media etc as they are clearly against national interes but alas what do you expect with the kind of Simpletons we have in power?
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