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Tunde Fowler’s Unfulfilled Dream



Tunde Fowler

Most ambitious men are often ruined by their dreams because they throw caution to the wind and chase it blindly.

While there is no crime in dreaming big, a dream bigger than the dreamer often remains what it is, a mere delusion.

How else does one explain the desperate moves of Babatunde Fowler, the now erstwhile boss of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), who almost went desperate to force a second term in office?

Known for his exploits while he was head of Lagos Inland Revenue Service (LIRS), Fowler landed the plum federal job through the help of his godfather.

As FIRS boss, his term in office was so juicy that he yearned for more.

But alas, wishes are not horses, and as such the dream of a second term in office for Fowler didn’t come to pass, leaving his ambition stone dead.

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