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Every man should have at least one good suit. The first thing to do before you drop what could be hundreds or thousands of dollars on a well-made suit is to consider what you need the suit for.


Whether it’s a crucial job interview, a nightlife odyssey with old friends or the day you bid farewell to bachelorhood forever, looking good instills confidence. And Jumia Nigeria, the online shop you can trust, is on hand to share a few tips:


Pinstriped Suit or Professional suit

This one’s our pick for the fashionable entrepreneur, an uptight banker or an employee who knows his style. A pin-striped suit is similar to a linen one, darker than the stripe one and should be worn with a shirt and matching tie. This suit is perfect for a business meeting or anything to do with the word ‘professional’. We also believe that your dress code in the office influences the power you have over your colleagues/employees. A pinstriped suit will ensure that this influence is at its highest.


Dinner Jacket

The dinner jacket, commonly known as a tuxedo, is perfect for a sophisticated evening meal or meeting her parents for dinner for the very first time. This means that a dinner jacket creates a lasting impression if you want to look charismatic, stylish and classy, cultured and refined. Tuxedos can be avoided for business meetings but at the same time can be a great option for a business party.


Velvet Jacket

A well-cut, good quality velvet jacket is versatile and can be worn elegantly for many occasions. But mainly, it’s perfect for a night out at a posh club or dinner and drinks with your friends. It is comfortable to wear and gives you a sharp look. Wear your velvet jacket with dark jeans for contrasting, dressy and stylish attire.


Vintage Suits

A vintage suit is a traditional three-piece suit comprising of trousers, vest and a jacket made up of the same two fabrics namely polyester and wool. This can be worn in a retro-classic style for business outings or can be played around with colours and styles for a young look. Each suit can be worn in four universal styles: The Italian suits that are the most famous; the American style which is more youthful and fun; the British style places emphasis on elegance, class and sophistication; and the Mandarin style which reflects its oriental culture.


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