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Top ways to meet single guys in Lagos



A lot of female visitors who storm Lagos have romance at the back of their minds as they hope to meet the guy that would sweep them off their feet during their stay. Unfortunately, while single men are literally everywhere in the city, meeting quality single guys can be an arduous task. Everyone seems to be so busy, and the ones you manage to meet at bars and club may not exactly be what you would consider “quality”.

Truth is, finding eligible men in Lagos could be an elusive game if they are at a loss as to where to meet them., Africa’s largest online hotel booking portal comes to the rescue with   top 5 ways girls in Lagos who are serious about taking their destiny can meet quality eligible men.


Get your blood pumping at the gym

If you have a gym in your hotel or a sport center around you, take advantage of it. Most of the men in Lagos are fitness conscious and they like to spend quality time at the gym. Basically, you would be killing two birds with one stone: you get to exercise your body, get your blood flowing, and also create opportunities to run into the love of your life!

Most of the men you will meet at the gym would be attractive and responsible as their presence at the gym already shows that they value their health. And do not forget to go for an attractive sports gear as opposed to the normal sweat pants and T-shirt.


Attend weddings

Anyone who lives in Lagos can attest to the fact that wedding are the number one place to meet single quality guys. Forget the lewd assumption that single men at weddings just want to get laid, if you keep that in mind, you will not make progress. Most of the men actually come to wedding to look out for the girls who rush out for the bouquet when the bride throws it to the crowd, that way they know they already stand a chance.

Do not deny any invitation to a wedding, especially when it is a friend or someone of good reputation. Just ensure you look great, keep a smile and look approachable, dance like your life depends on it, and of course, fight for that bouquet when you see it high up in the air.


Go to church

Rather than sit in your hotel room or place of accommodation on the Sunday while visiting, why not get up, get dressed and head out to church? You never know who you would meet and what better way to meet a quality single guy than coming across him in the presence of the lord? There is none better than a man who has high regard for God and stays committed to his religion. There is a higher chance of things working out with him, as most of the single men in church are in search of opportunities for serious relationships. The bonus is that you get to meet someone who shares the same faith and moral grounding as well. Luckily, there are a number of churches around Lagos that you visit.

Attractive couple having fun together at the beach

Take a stroll at a private beach

Put meeting the perfect single guy on the side, visiting the private beaches or resorts in Lagos can be a rewarding experience on its own. From La Campagne Tropicana to  Kampe Ikare, Atican beach  or just Oniru beach, there are boundless opportunities to run into eligible men.

There are basically three kinds of guys you will see at the beach: those who are there alone, those with their group of male friend (their behavior will mark them out as single) and those who visit with their baes, girlfriends or wives. The first two are your best bet. Do not feel too shy to approach them and a strike up a conversation…most love stories begin with a few rods spoken.


Make your location visible online

A lot of people in Lagos meet their boyfriends and husbands online via social media apps like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat Instamessage. In fact, this is the latest method of meeting single men in the city. Social media apps give users opportunities to find others with similar interests close to them. And so, unless your location is visible it might be difficult for guys in the area to see you and hit you up. Make your location visible the moment your feet touch the shores of Lagos and stay online.

If you do not have accounts on any of the social media platforms, search for online dating sites, there are some exclusive to Nigeria and even Lagos.  You can check out profiles and photographs and connect with whoever appeals to you.

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