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Tinubu’s Associates Will Kick Against His 2023 Presidential Ambition – Primate Ayodele



Primate Ayodele

Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, Founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos State recently launched the 2019/2020 and Beyond Edition of his compendium of prophecy. In this interview with Lukmon Akintola, he speaks on the state of the nation, his new book and more.

Though it is barely weeks since you unveiled the 2019/2020 and Beyond Edition of Warnings To The Nations, are there prophecy that have come to pass?

Indeed, some have already come to pass, and those that are yet to come to pass will still do. Some of those which have come to pass include flooding which has been bedeviling several states in Nigeria. The high spate of kidnapping which has been noticed, the FBI clampdown against cybercrime, and the unfortunate development involving Seplat Petroleum are some of the prophecies that have come to pass. We prophesied about it all in Warnings To The Nations 2019/2020 and Beyond edition.

What is your overview of Nigeria as a nation presently?

Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder or time bomb as the case might be. This is because President Muhammadu Buhari has not realised what the security problem in Nigeria will cause him. It is going to cost him what he doesn’t expect. I said it in his first term in office that his government will fluctuate. I said it before the end of his first term that if Buhari wins, he is going to have security problems that will affect him and the big men in the country.

How is the security problem likely to affect him?

Terrorists are already in Nigeria, hoodlums and bandits are already in Nigeria. The police are not saying the truth; the soldiers are not saying the truth. And the Service Chiefs are tired, they have run out of ideas, they don’t have ideas. Buhari is the one causing his own problem for himself because he is confused. Spiritually, he is confused and does not know the direction of which things are going.

What will eventually become of the government of President Muhammadu Buhari if things don’t change?

I am telling you one more time, there is going to be a protest. A protest is coming and I see a referendum. Nigeria staying together is no more realistic, what is supposed to keep us together is no more there. I am not saying that anybody should like what I am saying, but I am saying this as a man of God.


Earlier you said that President Buhari is confused spiritually, how possible is that knowing he relates with top pastors?

It is just unfortunate that people who know the truth are afraid of saying it. If you lie, you will become a friend of the government. It should not be so, they should say the truth. Pastors are no longer saying the truth. People like Pastor Adeboye should stop speaking in parables, the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Supo Ayokunle, should stop speaking in parables, and they should say the truth. How about Pastor Kumuyi, he has become a friend of politicians. The teaching of the words of God is not going as it should anymore because they keep deceiving themselves. Each of the politicians are there for themselves, they are not there for the masses or the citizen. That is what the Lord said to me, anyone can query it.

Why do you think Nigeria is finding it hard to progress?

The truth is that our politicians are our problems. They will say out of 30 projects if they do two, they are okay, and that is why Nigeria can never go forward. So, says the lord of host, if we put the right things in place, we will go the right way.

Crude Oil is the mainstay of Nigeria, what does the future hold?

Our crude oil will dry up in the next 18 to 20 years.

What does 2023 hold in store for Nigeria?

2023 will cause a lot of tension in All Progressive Congress, Peoples Democratic Party and all other political parties. This idea of rotational presidency will not work because the north will never relinquish power. God has put the north as a power broker in this country. Anybody that wants to win an election must pass through them. And the north is not ready to let it go by 2023. Also, 2023 will also determine the longevity of APC. APC must be careful so that two Presidents do not emerge from the party.

How is that possible?

An aggrieved candidate can declare himself to be the president, that he won the election, and that the announced result is fraudulent.

One speculation which has trailed Tinubu is his alleged 2023 Presidential ambition, is there any reality in it?

The people who have been Tinubu’s main force will kick against his 2023 ambition. Let’s wait for it. The people that he has given life to will kick against his 2023 ambition.

What about the Igbo and the middle belt, don’t they deserve to be president?

The Igbo are sleeping, the north-central are sleeping, they have not woken up. And the north is coming together forcefully to decide what will become of this country in 2023.

Is there no hope for Nigeria?

Nigeria can only be better when the north let go of power completely, and can the north ever let go of power? No, they cannot. They will be the one to decide until there is a referendum. It is either we go for true federalism where the Federal will be weak or we disintegrate and retain the same name Nigeria. Then, it can be North Nigeria, South Nigeria, and Eastern Nigeria. Five nations will come out of Nigeria between now and 3035. If we remain the Nigeria we are today, the country will not prosper, Nigeria will not move forward. This is because some cabals have taken over power in Nigeria. I still see problems in Nigeria. I see poverty, people will be angry, hungry and if we are not careful, the country will run into another recession. Nigeria is broke; we will continue to be borrowing money until when the government does the right thing to eradicate poverty. I laugh at most of the state governors saying that they will pay N30000, it’s a lie. Some will pay; others will not be able to pay.

Earlier you said that the country would experience another recession, tell us about it.

Yes. We will run into another recession because we will borrow money that would lead to recession and even inflation. Buhari will lose grip of his government. I am not afraid to say what is true and what needs to be said. I am not saying it for any publicity or to know anybody. I have delivered the message.

Nigerians are currently victims of Xenophobia in South Africa, what is causing this?

We have already said it in Warnings To The Nations. We said it last time and we said it in the 2019/2020 and Beyond edition. It is not only in South Africa that Nigerians will be killed. What is the job of our President when thousands of Nigerians are being killed? The Police have to be properly trained. Why are they killing Nigerians, South Africans are killing Nigerians, Nigerians are losing their properties, and yet the police is killing Nigerians here. I believe a President must be there, a Minister of Foreign Affairs must be there. If Boko Haram can issue a statement to caution the South Africans that if they don’t stop in 24 hours they would react, why then is Nigeria quiet on the issue. Nigeria should have issued a statement a long time ago. The Vice President’s families are not there, the President’s families are not there, and the governor’s families are not there, including the ministers. If they were there, they would have been shouting, and ranting. This is my personal opinion asides from prophecy fulfillment. Nobody can do that to America, they would have known what would have happened to them by now.  It is just a pointer that our government doesn’t have respect for life.

In the 2018/2019 edition of Warnings To The Nations, you said that Senator Bukola Sarki was the one to take Nigeria out of its bondage, is he still relevant?

PDP still needs Saraki if they wish to move forward. Saraki will still make a big wave. A lot of people who are currently politically irrelevant will still return to relevance including Saraki. This is because most of the states being controlled by APC will have a crisis. They must watch it.


You also prophesied on the health of President Buhari, is the prophecy still the same?

Buhari still needs God’s protection on his health and that of his family. He needs to seek God’s protection not to be bereaved.

What is likely to happen in the political parties knowing that some elections are near?

There will be cross carpeting. Very soon you will be seeing it. Some of the politicians will not even get to the tribunal, they will return to their party. PDP will retain Bayelsa State if they pick the right candidate.

Kogi State is a very sensitive place politically, what will happen there?

We said it before that if Dino Melaye wants to win the election, he would have to re-strategise. But Dino did not take it serious. I precisely said it that if Dino does not work it out, Engr. Musa Wada will take the PDP gubernatorial ticket. Since he has won it now, let’s congratulate the incumbent because All Progressive Congress will take it. They will take it by any means. It is going to be a fraudulent election, and they will use coalition and technical grounds to win. There is no justice in our election. Everybody will do it the way they like. In the Kaduna election, the present governor can lose if the APC man re-strategise and do what is the needful otherwise Ganduje will take it, and nothing will happen. In Ondo State, if Akeredolu wants to contest and win, he would have to do more developmental projects, he should let the people feel the dividends of democracy. If he does that, nobody will be able to withstand him. It is a warning.

What has God revealed about Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki’s recent dispute?

Adams Oshiomole should calm down. He should calm down and the governor does not need to go to another party; if he leaves the party, he will fail. Oshiomhole will have problems with the National Working Committee of the party. Oshiomhole should leave Obaseki alone. He has a lot to achieve in the future. Obaseki is symbolic and his achievements will help Oshiomole in future.

You prophesied about the fall of former Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, has God revealed anything about Babajide Sanwo-Olu?

Sanwo-Olu must be very careful of people who can run their government down, I am talking about sycophants. They will praise him and leave him when he fails.

Atiku Abubakar is currently at the tribunal contesting the last presidential election, what will the judgment be?

The truth will be known, but Atiku will not be victorious. He can pursue his right, but if I were to advise him, I will tell him not to waste his time. The money he is using to pay lawyers can be used for better things. In 2023, it will be tough for APC and PDP. Two presidential aspirants will emerge from APC primaries. On Atiku 2023, he should consult God; that was what I advised him to do from the start.


What should we pray against generally?

We have to pray against churches and mosques being attacked. We need to pray against kidnappers. I have said it before, and when I said it two years ago, people said he has come again, a prophet of doom. There is nothing like doom, there is nothing like prophesy of doom. Every prophesy is a warning. Some Obas, Emirs, and Eze will pass away between now and February next year. I am seeing parties protesting within parties. PDP must do what is right to become relevant again. There will be trouble in the Christendom, and of course, Celestial Church of Christ and Cherubim and Seraphim will be divided if they are not careful. What will divide them has been happening. Let’s pray not to lose a prominent politician, and of course, there will be political hanky-panky in President Buhari’s cabinet.   Let’s pray we don’t lose any governor, let’s pray we don’t lose an ex-governor or a minister. Let’s pray not to see the death of a journalist. Let’s pray against ethnic or communal crisis in the country. An Eze will be sent out of his palace and they will dethrone an Oba in Yorubaland. There will be a problem in the Republic of Benin, and they will want to protest against the current government. Nnamdi Kanu won’t be able to achieve the fight for IPOB. The Odua People’s Congress will also face challenges. We should watch against terrorist attacks in the military base. The army should be very very watchful. There will be a crisis between Buhari and Abba Kyari.

Let’s go internationally, you prophesied about Boris Johnson becoming the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom years before it happened, what is he likely to achieve?

We have said it before now. There is nothing that he can achieve in the future.

The American election is also coming, what will happen to Donald Trump?

The Republican wants to win, let them pick Mike Spencer as their candidate. Donald Trump will not get a second term if Mike Spencer is given a chance. There will be trouble in the house that might see Trump leaving his party. Cross carpeting might come out in the British parliament. Apart from that, Boris Johnson will continue to have problems with people everywhere it goes.

What has God revealed about Ghana?

The president should re-strategise if he wants to win so that he can take a lead because the opposition is trying very hard to hit the president. The president should manage the economy very well because it will be fluctuating and the currency will be nothing to write home about. In Sierra Leone, whatever the President is involved with will be criticised by the opposition. He will, however, defeat the opposition through the economic commission of the country. He has many projects to do, but the opposition will be frustrating him. And they will gang up against the president within his party. It can defy his second term ambition, so he needs to work on it.

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