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Those Kidnapping Our Children Forget They Too Have Children-Abubakar




Retired General Abdulsalami Abubakar has stated that kidnappers in the north kidnap children forgetting that they too have children.

The former military Head of State stated this while receiving officials of the Niger State chapter of the Campaign for Democracy and Human Rights led by its state chairman, Comrade Abdullahi Jabi at his Minna uphill residence in Niger State.

According to Abdulsalami, many children of school age can no longer go to school while those in schools are being kidnapped.

He said that insecurity has set education in the northern part of the country backward by 20 years.

He said;


“Insecurity has taken education in the north back 20 years. We are facing serious insecurity some heartless people keep kidnapping our children. forgetting that they too have children

“Will they be happy if their children are kidnapped and traumatised?”


He also blamed the poor economic situation in the country on the effect of the COVID-19, saying:


“COVID-19 became a stumbling block to the world; COVID-19 brought setback to all our programmes.”



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