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Breaking: Primate Ayodele Unveils 27th Edition Of “Warnings To The Nations”



Founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has unveiled the 2021/2022 and beyound edition of his annual compendium of prophecy titled ‘Warnings To The Nations’.

The book was unveiled on Saturday, July 10th at a media event that held at his church premises.

Speaking on the publication before the question and answer season of the book unveiling, Primate Ayodele said: “This is the 27th edition of the book and i want to use this (cake) to break the ground for the 27th edition.

“This is the anniversary cake, i use this to welcome you to the church in the name of the father, son, and holy ghost. In the country today, no pastor has empowered the press like i have done. I am going to empower 50 to 100 more press with four wheel drives.”

‘Warnings To The Nations” has become an annual refrence point for politicians, governments, political leaders, and Entertainers, as over the years, it has unveiled the mysteries of the world at large in several sectors.

The 2021/2022 edition unveils God’s revelation to his servant in several sectors including politics, business, sports, health and developments in the international scene.

This edition of the compendium of prophecies has been highly anticipated by several top personalities including several presidents, governors, businessmen and women and politicians.

“Warning To The Nations” was first published in 1994, and since then, it has increased in depth and content.

The 2020/2021 edition was popular for its 376-pages of prophetic statements directly from God through his servant.





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