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Things you’ll understand if you’ve ever travelled with your BFF(s)



Travelling with your BFF(s) is a different experience, one you are very likely going to enjoy. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 things you’ll understand if you’ve ever travelled with your BFF(s).

You’ll Have More Memories and Amazing Stories to Tell

Everyone else might roll their eyes at it, but the fact is when you travel with your BFF(s), you tend to do more, explore more and engage in more adventures together. You’ll have a lot of pictures to take, a lot of memories and so many stories of your exploits to tell.

There Will Be Many Inside Jokes

Oh, so many inside jokes indeed. You guys will share experiences and form opinions about those experiences. Those opinions many times will transform into witty comments that will become inside jokes for you and your BFF(s). It makes it all the more fun.

Your Instagram Game Will Be So Good

No more living off #ThrowbackThursdays or #FlashBackFridays, you’ll have new fresh pictures and a popping selfie game with your BFF(s) that will totally give life to your Instagram page, while attracting some likes and comments at the same time.

There’ll Be Some Passive Aggressive Moments

Yea you guys are BFFs and you love each other and all, but you guys are human beings too and if the vacation is long enough, you’ll have differences with each other. By differences, you’ll probably want to tear each other apart occasionally; but you won’t because of love. You’ll probably end up laughing about it in the end, which can end up making the whole trip even more interesting.

You’ll Start Merging into The Same Person at Some Point

Travelling together, sharing accommodation together, living together, going out together (for sight-seeing and all), you guys will virtually end up doing almost everything together and eventually you guys will just sync. You’ll get to know each other more, see different sides to each other, learn to tolerate each other more and have fun together. You’ll get to know your BFF(s) even more than you thought you could and will just get more comfortable around each other. It’s great for helping to strengthen the bond between you guys.

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