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Feeling insecure sucks, and the worst part is that it makes you beat yourself up and question your confidence. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 things to tell yourself when feeling insecure.

It’s Ok

This might be hard for many to believe, but it’s okay to feel insecure sometimes. Don’t magnify the fact that you are feeling insecure and let it overwhelm you. Being insecure sometimes, just makes you human. Accepting this will be more productive to you than beating yourself up and making yourself feel like trash for feeling a perfectly normal human emotion.

Everyone Has One

Even the most confident people have insecurities too, there is no one that’s free of it. Please avoid berating yourself for sometimes feeling insecure, there is no human on earth that is immune to insecurity, so get over it and deal with it. Knowing everyone has one insecurity or the other might not get rid of your feeling of insecurity, but it sure can help prevent you from beating yourself up for something that you really don’t need to beat yourself up about.

I Feel Insecure and Be Confident

Feeling insecure about something is like having an achilles heel. Achilles was a great warrior whose weakness was his heel (hence the name Achilles heel). Now, the fact that achilles had that weakness didn’t negate the fact that he was a brave and great warrior. Do you understand now? Having certain insecurities or feeling insecure doesn’t negate your confidence. What negates your confidence is refusing to deal with the insecurities and letting them either overwhelm you or dictate your actions.

Deal With It

You know feelings can be tricky, and sometimes if you find yourself feeling insecure about things that are just plain silly to you, you can actually ignore the fact that you feel insecure, dismiss it for the irrelevance that it is and move on. It’s honestly as simple as that. On the other hand, if your feelings of insecurity are founded and there is actually a reason for it, then proceed to deal with it. Understand why the insecurities exist, dispel the lies beneath them and make a decision to stand up to them. You can also try to avoid the triggers of your insecurities, if you can.

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