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Things to know before marrying an Igbo girl




Are you in love with an Igbo girl and planning to marry her? Then this is for you!

Igbo girls, a sect of Nigerian girls from the south-eastern parts of the country, are one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world. However, they have other unique quirks which impact their marriages considerably.

For those who have fallen in love with Igbo girls and are unaware of these other things that come with being eternally linked to them,, Africa’s No1 online hotel booking site, has put together a little list to help you understand your wife to be. Please keep in mind that list is applicable to most Igbo girls, but not all, like everything else, there are exceptions to the rule.


They value the presence of their family

Igbo girls have deep regard for family and so usually want to have members of their family around most of the time. Her relationship with her parents, siblings and even extended family is close knit and she will not compromise or cut them off in a hurry.

Any guy marrying an Igbo girl has to keep in mind that their home will always be packed with family members gossiping, quarrelling and laughing. Even if you decided to live far away from family, be rest assured that she will keep sending random things back home, will get home-sick a lot and so, will be in constant communication with her family.


They will speak their language to the children

While most Igbo girls are well-groomed and can speak English without the detection of a local accent, they are usually well-versed in their dialect and are proud to speak it at any time. Even when they marry from other tribes or country, they do not neglect their dialect for their husbands or a foreign one.

Their children most usually speak this mother-tongue first before learning that of their husband or any other language. So also, they tend to pass down unique Igbo traits and traditions to their children even if they are married into other tribes.


They will take care of you with love

Igbo girls are beautiful and intelligent, but most of all, they are very caring, hardworking and industrious.

They are generally strong women and while the husband plays the head of the home and brings home the bread, she most likely ends up being the foundation of the house: takes care of the kids, the budget, the food, the home generally. She will not hesitate to take up several jobs to support her husband and family, and she will still fulfill her wifely duty to keep everyone happy.

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They are very religious

Igbos are very religious people and their preferred religion is Christianity. Most Igbo girls are brought up in strict religious homes and as such, they have the fear of God and the belief in His supremacy instilled in them.

Even when they get emancipated from their parents, they still carry those values with them into their marriage and homes. Be prepared to go to church every Sunday, and observe religious holidays and church programmes once married to an Igbo girl, they hardly compromise on this or convert to other religions.

igbo food

Their local delicacies will fill out the home menu

Igbos have a large variety of delicious dishes and their women are trained to know these recipes from an early age. They also have a love for their local meals and so they find it difficult to change their diet to food from other areas.

No doubt after marriage, especially if they are married to someone from another country or tribe, they can make the necessary compromise and eat other dishes, but be rest assures that they will not throw their home food completely away. They find ways to cajole their new family into accepting their local dishes and this is usually easy as Igbo meals are usually delicious and the girls are great cooks.

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Other affected by the order is one Yemi Idowu and two companies; Aircom Nigeria Limited and STB Building Society.

Justice Solebo’s order was sequel to an application for the defendants’ arrest, filed and argued by the counsel to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Ahmed Yerima.

In asking Justice Solebo to grant the application, Yerima told that request for issuance of arrest warrant against all the was based on the order of another court, that dismissed a fundamental rights suit filed by the defendants against EFCC.

Yerima also told the court that following the dismissal of defendants’ suit against his Commission, they were charged to court on the alleged crimes.

Yerima said: “My lord, another court where the defendants filed a case of breach of fundamental human right against the Commission, ordered the defendant to appear before this court to face the charges against him and no right was breach by the commission.

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“But has my lord can see they are not in court today, disobeying that order. In that circumstance, would be asking for a bench warrant against the all the defendants.

Justice Solebo, upon hearing the EFCC counsel’s request, issued the warrant against all the defendants.

Waheed Gabadamosi Eletu Odibo, Yemi Idowu, Aircom Nigeria Limited and STB Building Society are to face an 8 count charge bothering on stealing, obtaining money under false pretence

The offences which are contrary to section 278(1),(5)(a), 285(1)(b) 390, 390(1) and 419 of the criminal law of Lagos state of Nigeria 2011 and criminal code law of Lagos state of Nigeria 2003, respectively.

The defendants, according to the petition dated December 21, 2016, by the nominal complainants, the dou of Ononeyi Okonkwo and Mr Uchenna Anazodo, told the Commission about the alleged fraudulent sale of four plots of land situated at Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos State valued at about N250 million by persons believed to be acting for the Gbadamosi Eletu family, who conspired with prime movers and directors of one Aircom Nigeria Limited and STB Building Society

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The petition further stated that some members of the Gbadamosi Eletu family from whom the nominal complainants purchased the land to have same land sold to them at higher price thereby supplanting the nominal complainants interest over the land.

The charge sheet against the defendants read: “that you Waheed Gabadamosi Eletu Odibo, Yemi Idowu, Aircom Nigeria Limited and STB Building Society, sometimes in 2013 at Lagos within the Ikeja judicial division, dishonestly converted for your own use 3 plot of land measuring 254,588 hectares, situated at Crystal Road, Osapa Village, Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Lagos, property of Onononyi Patrick Okonkwo.

“That you, Waheed Gabadamosi Eletu Odibo, Yemi Idowu, Aircom Nigeria Limited and STB Building Society sometimes in 2013 at Lagos within the Ikeja judicial division, dishonestly converted for your own use 1 plot of land, measuring about 669,572 square meters, situated at Crystal Road, Osapa Village, Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Lagos, property of Uchenna Temple Anazodo”.

Justice Solebo has adjourned the matter till May 13, 2020, for arraignment and trial of the defendants.

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