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Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Travel




The world is indeed a beautiful place and is now easier to explore than ever. However, while exploring, there are things to keep in mind and avoid doing to help maximize your experience and evade avoidable hassles. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 things you shouldn’t do when you travel.

Don’t Take Photos of People Without Their Permission

Just because you think the person would make a beautiful subject or add some liveliness to your photo or video, doesn’t mean you should take photos or videos of people without their permission. You should first put the camera or smartphone aside and politely ask for their permission to take their photos or include them in your videos, and be respectful if they decline.


Try Not to Litter

Honestly, this should go without saying, nevertheless, it is important for you to refrain from tossing your garbage indiscriminately around your environment. There are areas that have strict rules/laws about carrying out accumulated garbage and properly disposing of it, and it can be quite embarrassing to be harassed in these places because of littering.


Don’t Skip the Local Tourist Office

The local tourism office is one of the best places to get advice on current events, festivals, and information you’re likely not going to find in a guidebook or by just asking random people. This is because the job of those working at the local tourism office is literally to know everything about the place you’re in, so when you get to a new city, be sure to go the tourism office to get information on what to see and do, and where the deals are. They can also help you with maps and discount cards as well as help you to book accommodations. This can easily help you save time and find a more rewarding and cheaper travel experience.


Try Not To Eat Near Major Tourist Sites

This is because the food sold near major tourist sites are more often than not sold at double the price. In addition to this, the flavour and quality of the meal is unlikely to be consistent since the restaurants know that majority of the tourists visiting are unlikely to come back, so the incentive to be top-notch is more or less lacking. However, if you eat at local, ‘non-touristy’ restaurants instead, the flavour and quality of the meal is likely to be higher because they know that if it is anything less, locals will stop eating there.

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