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Taiwo Afolabi’s Reemergence Knocks Out Speculations





Party birds would easily recollect how the speculation about Taiwo Afolabi’s ill health made the rounds late 2018.


His health condition was also attributed to the reason his annual end of the year party lacked any spark in 2018. This is indeed true.


For the man, nothing bad however seems to last long, as he has bounced back from his doldrums.


Presently, the talk making the rounds about Afolabi is his new acquisitions.


He recently took delivery of two wonders on wheels, a Bentley Bentayga 2019 model and Bentley Continental GT, both said to be worth $394,000.

Since the delivery, the cars have been the talking point among his friends. Indeed, Afolabi is back on the grind.






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