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Charles Anudu

Charles Anudu

The tales making the rounds about Swift Networks Limited is not a palatable one.

As it is, thousands of their subscribers are currently complaining and alleging that the company which prides itself as a provider of wireless fiber services, broadband internet access that is fast, secure and reliable, virtual private networking services, web and email hosting, collocation services, video conferencing and surveillance solutions in Nigeria, have turned the biggest milking internet agent in the country, as they have ruined their businesses due to poor services.

Sometime ago, when the organization acquired the long term evolution (LTE) or 4G business of Direct on PC (DoPC), a lot of people had hoped things would change, however they have gotten worse.

The situation, is so bad that people who pay through their nose only get to enjoy the epileptic services of the company between 11am and 12 noon, as from that time till 5pm, which is the normal business hours in the country nothing works.

Subscribers to the network are now looking for alternative measures, as not even the assurance given by the company’s Managing Director Charles Anudu, during the takeover ceremony of Direct on PC can dissuade them.

During the ceremony, Anudu, has said thus “this acquisition is a significant milestone in our journey to advance our competitive position in the high broadband segment and footprint in the Nigerian market”, that statement has however, been proved to be a total lie, as Swift Networks Limited has failed to deliver.


A sources within the organization disclose to that things had never been good with Swift Networks Limited, but after the acquisition of Direct on PC, things got worse, as they did not only acquire the wireless infrastructure and customers of Direct on PC  in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, but the problems too. According to our source, the problem now is that the weight is now too much for them, as customers of Swift Networks Limited are getting the worse service in the history of internet services.

Efforts to reach Swift Networks Limited on the hotline listed on their website +234-1-710-10-10 proved abortive, as all we could here was “the number you are calling is in correct.”

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