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Someone Has Been Impersonating Me On Social Media, Mother Of Dead Dancer Claims



Kodak Picture

Blessing Ike, the mother of a deceased video vixen named Picture Kodak has revealed that someone is impersonating her on social media.

The mother of the video vixen who died after being electricuted in the house of video director, Clarence Peters while charging her phone revealed that the impersonator is using her misfortune to collect money from innocent individuals.

"I want you all to help me fight" Mother of dancer who died cries out after discovering there

In a video released online, Mrs. Ike, the mother of the deceased dancer and one of her daughters named Shekina Glory Ike express her displeasure that someone online was pretending to be Kodak’s mum.

According to her, the person had posted an account number online and has been collecting donations from unsuspecting Nigerians, while impersonating her.

Warning the impersonator, Mrs. Ike said that she has not posted her account number online and begged people to stop encouraging the fraudster pretending to be her.

She said: “Please, I want you all to help me stand up and fight. As you can see, I cannot fight,” the bereaved mum begged.

The death of the vixen known as Kodak was first reported in the evening of Wednesday, April 29. She was reported to have just posted on her Instagram Stories and was trying to charge her phone when she was electricuted.


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