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Shocker: Anthony Joshua Loses To Oleksandr Usyk In Rematch



Anthony Joshua is now officially a former heavyweight boxing champion.

Joshua, lost his rematch in Saudi Arabia after he was defeated by Oleksandr Usyk.

Oleksandr Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua to retain the unified WBO, WBA and IBF titles

Oleksandr Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua to retain the unified WBO, WBA and IBF titles

The Ukranian fighter, sealed his place as an elite fighter of the heavyweight division at the King Abdullah Sports City Arena in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Over the course of 12 rounds, Usyk outpointed Joshua winning on a split decision, with judges scoring the match 116-112 and 115-113 on two cards. The third judge scored 115-113 for Joshua.

The rematch showed a different side of Joshua, as he put plenty of pressure on Usyk, landing body shots, a great departure from their first fight in September.

The body punches nearly broke Usyk (who helped defend Ukraine during Russia’s invasion) –  in the ninth round.

Oleksandr Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua to retain the unified WBO, WBA and IBF titles

However, Usyk showed impeccable character in the 10th round, clipping Joshua with heavy counter-punches to end the bout.

Usyk deservingly won and could possibly fight Tyson Fury the WBC heavyweight champion in December for the crown of undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Surprisingly, after the loss, Joshua threw caution to the wind as he threw two heavy weight belts down and told Usyk he won the fight not because he’s strong but because he’s skilled.

“You are not strong how did you beat me,” Joshua asked Usyk.

He then stormed out of the ring before climbing back in and grabbing the mic to address the crowd with a bizarre rant as his emotions were clearly running high.

In an expletive-filled rant, he discussed the fight, his career, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and also led cheers to Usyk.

Joshua began by referencing his youth and troubles with police as a teenager

“If you knew my story you would understand the passion. I ain’t no amateur boxer from five-years-old that was an elite prospect from youth,’ said Joshua.

‘I was going to jail, I got bail and I started training my arse off, I wanted to be able to fight.

‘I’m stealing this Usyk I’m sorry, but it’s because of the passion we put into this. This guy to beat me tonight, maybe I could have done better, but it shows the level of hard work I put in so please give him a round of applause as our heavyweight champion of the world.

“I’m not a 12 round fighter, look at me, I’m a new breed of heavyweights, Mike Tyson, Sonny Liston, Jack Dempsey, ‘you don’t throw combinations like Rocky Marciano’, I’m 18 stone, I’m heavy, it’s hard work.

‘This guy here is a phenomenal talent, we’re going to cheer for him three times.’

Speaking through a translator after the fight, Usyk said;

“This is already history,” “Many generations are going watch this fight, especially the [10th] round, when someone tried to beat me hard, but I standed it and turned it in a different way. Thanks, God.”

I’m sure that Tyson Fury is not retired yet,” Usyk says. “I’m sure. I’m convinced he wants to fight me. I want to fight him. And if I’m not fighting Tyson Fury, I’m not fighting at all.”


Usyk was asked whether he thought he won the fight in light of the protestations from Joshua’s corner. “Yes, of course,” he answered.

When asked about the one major heavyweight title that’s not in his possession: the WBC belt held by Tyson Fury, Usyk responds.

Only God knows whether I will or not. But all these gentlemen here around me, my team, they’re going to help me.”


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