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Seyi Shay Getting Close To Going Nude



Seyi Shay

How a musician is perceived is very important, as it positions him or her for corporate brands.


However, keeping a positive image appears something difficult for singer Seyi Shay, as she seems to crave controversies.


In fact, there seems a deliberate plan by the singer to be the first female Nigerian musician to go all nude.


In a while, the singer has been making efforts to convince fans that she has a sexy and shapely body, as opposed to pursuing a not too impressive music career.


In a bid to promote the video of her song ‘BIA’, the singer went a step further in her adventure and released what she thought to be sexy topless pictures thus attracting criticisms from critics.


Her love for nudity didn’t start yesterday, as it will be recalled how while campaigning for his second term bid in Lagos, the artiste put ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on the corner seat years back.


So revealing and suggestive was Seyi Shay’s dress for her performance on the day of the event that only a ‘dead man’ wouldn’t have noticed her.


Asides this, late last year, she was heavily criticised for wearing an equally revealing dress when she was spotted dinning with a mysterious man in New York.


So uninspiring has Seyi Shay’s craving for exposing her body been that her critics have been slamming her. A critic was quoted as saying that “Sometimes, I get the impression this lady is troubled.   She tries too much. I am surprised it’s just this; I expect to see more skin in the future. When you are bankrupt morally, you just do not have it, no matter how much you try.” Another critic Dee, thought thus of the unrepentant singer’s attitude “Seyi Shay should make up her mind if she’s a singer or a stripper. She’s nowhere as hot as she thinks she is.”


If the singer is premising her habit of nudity on an attempt to be an A-list star at all cost, someone needs to tell her that that is not the secret to sold-out albums and concerts.




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