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Nigerian Idol: Who Is Responsible For Seyi Shay’s Makeup?




As the audition of the Nigerian Idol continues, one question which is begging for an answer is who made Seyi Shay up?

The musician who has been very controversial, has not relented in dishing out unpalatable words to those auditioning for the show.

In fact, the judges made of the trio of Seyi Shay, Obi Asika, and DJ Sossey have been basically described as rude.

Another troubling aspect of the show is the makeup of the only female judge member. Apart from the fact that the makeup artiste did a woeful job, the artiste also failed woefully in trying to hide the pimples on Seyi Shay’s face.

In one of the episodes recently air, the shortcoming of the makeup artiste came to the fore, as the cameraman beamed his camera on Seyi Shay’s face in a closeup shot revealing the mockery she had ardoned in the name of makeup.


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