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Safety tips for traveling long distances



Whether traveling by air or by road, there are a couple of safety tips you should keep in mind to protect yourself from certain avoidable occurrences. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 safety tips for traveling long distances.
Ensure You Get Enough Sleep
This might seem like an obvious fact but there are still a lot of people that ignore this and drive through long distances while tired or while taking heavily caffeinated beverages to help them stay awake. You should not for any reason, no matter how late you are going to be, drive through long distances if you are tired or sleepy. It is better to get to your destination late than not make it there at all. If you’re very tired and can’t drive, then you can consider putting in a little extra money and booking a flight to the place, if there are available flights. There are a lot of online flight booking platforms like Jumia Travel, that offers you cheap and great prices for flights.

Try to Know all the Laws Regulating Your Route
This is to avoid being harassed by traffic officials. If you are not sure about any of the traffic signs, it’s best to ask someone or take another route that you’re familiar with.

Keep Your Valuables Safely Locked Away
This can be especially helpful if you’re traveling by air because there are baggage handlers that might try to steal them. It is important to never pack your valuables in a checked baggage because they are of course not safe there. It is best to put valuables in your carry-on bag or if your valuables won’t fit in your carry-on bag, you should contact the airline before your flight and ask if you can declare the extra value of your items and if they can cover loss or damage. If the airline can’t, it’s probably best to ship it or leave it behind if you don’t have to travel with it.

Make Sure Someone Knows When and Where You’re Traveling To
Make sure you inform either a friend or relative about your travel plans and keep them updated as your journey progresses with texts and phone calls, until you reach your destination.

Stay Focused
Especially when you’re driving through long distances, you’re likely to encounter repetitive scenery like long stretches of road or endless fields that can distract you and make your mind wonder. It is therefore important for you to make a conscious effort, especially when driving alone, to keep your mind focused so you don’t get distracted while driving, because that can turn out to be extremely dangerous for you. Listening to music or to the radio can help you stay focused while driving.

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