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Runtown: Please Watch It




The best musicians are not the ones who are heady because they think that they are talented. In fact, they are the once who have the talents yet are humble about it.

There is no disputing the talent of the singer, Runtown, as he has proven this a very long time ago with his songs.

However, what is the value of a musician who is heady and will not respect his contract? While there is no disputing the fact that record label owners often seek to enslave their artistes, there is a saying that there is an exception to the rule.

In the past two years, Runtown has been slammed with two injunctions by his record label Eric Manny Entertainment owned by Okwudili Umenyiora due to breach contract.

While the first happened in May 2016, the issue was resolved with the artiste settling down to his career. The casualty of that encounter was his then manager, Bugwu Aneto. He was again recently served court papers from the record label.

The document partly reads; Runtown has been deliberately breaching his contract with us (Eric Many) for a while and despite our many appeals to him he has refused to bulge. He went for a show in Las Vegas since January 13th, 2018 and has since decided to withdraw all obligations of his contract. He has steadily been recording an album without the consent and approval of his record label”.

Asides this, the label also accused the singer of other breaches including; recording with artists like Del B without the written approval of the label and without an Eric Many appointee at the point of recording as agreed in our contract and also been appearing in venues and collecting appearance fees without the approval of the label and also performing in private shows without the label’s consent.

While the singer’s agenda might be just, his reputation is gradually being buried. As such, he should borrow wisdom from the experiences of the duo of Kiss Daniel and Jesse Jagz.

While Kiss Daniel was not happy at G-Worldwide Entertainment, he was intelligent enough to know that he had signed a contract which was binding on him; hence he waited till its expiration and walked away to set up his Flyboy I.N.C.  It was a simple win for him.

In his case, Jesse Jagz simply walked away from Chocolate City following the expiration of his contract without issues. In fact, label boss Audu Makori even praised him for his maturity while speaking with Juke Box. One person who took an opposing path from the duo was Brymo. Brymo walked away from Chocolate City without his contract expiring leading to a court process. While the case might have died prematurely, one fact remains. Brymo will always be considered an investor’s threat because he doesn’t respect contract. No entrepreneur would want to invest in an artiste like that, and this is why Runtown needs to watch it.

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