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Reginald Daniels Celebrate Mum



Thespian, Regina Daniels, is celebrating her mother.

In a special birthday message,  the actress described her mother as a selfless woman who practically put her life on hold to take care of them

‘The journey of Regina Daniels started with a woman (Rita Daniels) you were determined to see me succeed, you dropped your own career for me, took lots of insult from people who now beg to feature me in their movies, you begged for food for your children to survive, you hawked, you carried cement just so we could have a roof over our head, you pushed wheel barrow to earn money, you did lots of hard jobs just for survival’ she said.


Regina added that, ‘I know that no matter what I do, it can’t repay you for all that you have done. You dropped your marriage for our sake, suffered a lot, you didn’t have a life of your own, you lived your life all for your children ( birth and adopted) You feel my pain even without a single word from me. THANK YOU MUMMY FOR BEING YOU. Happy birthday my world’.




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