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Reasons to buy ‘previously-used’ gadgets in Nigeria




With the dawn of the 21st century, consumer technology has moved at the speed of lightning with new inventions constantly flooding the market, leaving a lot of people with old devices and hardware to sell. Although tech companies advertise these new products in such a way that the previous models are made to look obsolete, the ‘previously-used’ market for gadgets is still booming.

A large number of Nigerian markets are filled with fairly-used goods such as electronics, home appliances, computer gadgets, and the locals patronize them well. Apparently, these local buyers have not been scared away from a used gadget purchase, as they know the value of  these seemingly  imperfect machines.

Looking to buy a fairly used gadget but need some convincing?, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking website reveals 4 reasons to this trend is big in Nigeria.

You get an amazing deal

Fairly used gadgets, which most times include old stock in large stores, returned gadgets, and pawned gadgets are always cheaper than originals and give same value, if not more. You can often buy a two or three-year-old device for one-half to one-quarter of its original price. You probably may have to do some extra cleaning or deal with fixing a minor factory defect. The secret is to always test the product before you make the purchase, that way you know what you are getting yourself into. Some markets offer gadgets at ridiculously low prices without prior testing, for those gadgets, there is a chance that you will end up getting screwed, as they may be outrightly destroyed.

They have better quality

It is hard to believe but most of the fairly used gadgets actually have better quality that the sparkling new ones you find in Nigerian stores. The thing about these products is that some of them are strong brands from companies in countries such as Germany, England, Korea e.t.c and they have better quality than the new ones you find built either locally or imported from china.


Fairly used gadgets are much more durable

The gadgets no doubt are usually older versions and may not have certain perks of the new versions, but these older products are much more durable than the new ones…even though they are old and have already been used. Prior to this time, things were made with more natural materials – steel, glass, ceramics, and wood. The items may not have been as convenient or as stylish, but they were functional and made to last. In current times, however, people are more interested in flashy and so they get flashy products made with cheap materials.


Opportunities for resell

It is actually easier to resell these fairly used gadgets than the new ones. For instance, most buyers would rather buy a 2nd hand Kenwood blender that has been used for 6 years than a brand new Saisho blender. Buying fairly used gadgets ensure that you are able to make your money back or even make some profit while reselling.


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