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Ras Kimono’s Unfinished Business




In the beginning of his career, Ras Kimono was a member of a group named ‘The Jastix’.

In the group were other talents including Majek Fashek and Amos McRoy Jegg. As a group, the trio performed but parted ways to become solo artistes.

As solo artistes, Majek Fashek and Ras Kimono found their footing releasing some of the greatest songs the 80’s and 90’s witnessed. Songs such as ‘Rum-Bar Stylée’ and ‘Natty Get Jail’ from his “Under Pressure’ debut album were an instant hit for Ras Kimono, while ‘Send Down The Rain’, ‘Holy Spirit’, ‘Redemption Song’ and ‘So Long’ all from Majek Fashek’s ‘Spirit of Love’ and ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ album made waves.

While one was more of an advocate for a better Nigeria, the other was more spiritual, that was Majek Fashek.

Something which the music industry wasn’t served till his death was a collaboration between the duo.

A collaboration between Majek Fashek and Ras Kimono in their prime would have been something hot, but alas it never came. Had it been done, it would have thrilled the music industry like nothing has.

Maybe it was in the works; perhaps this was what Majek Fashek was talking about when he said that he urged Ras Kimono to see his manager in America. But it never came, it just never did. Adieu, rub-a-dub master.

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