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Rare Gem, Adewale Tinubu Gets Oando Back On Track




The travail of Oando Plc under the leadership of Adewale Tinubu has become legendary.

Despite the honest efforts of the man at ensuring that the company’s shareholders enjoy the dividends of their investments, the past couple of years have seen clogs on the wheels of the company.

The situation has not been helped by cutthroat regulators, Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), who seems to be totally against Tinubu and his team.

Oando, however, found respite recently with the amicable resolution of the long-standing dispute which had seen several suits and countersuits being filed.

Since the resolution of the crisis, Oando share price has appreciated, with investors associating with the development to the resolution.

Interestingly, the duo of Tinubu and his deputy Omamofe Boyo continue to stir the ship of the organisation to its promised land, as their shine continues.

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