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Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Impact On Ibrahim Gusau’s Victory As NFF President




Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau has just been elected as the new president of the Nigeria football federation (NFF) in Benin at an electoral congress after the tenure of the incumbent, Amaju Pinnick expired.

Gusau contended with several other candidates in the election but was favoured to have received the highest vote from the electorates.

Ibrahim Gusau’s bid to become the next NFF President was not ordinary, it was more of a divine orchestration considering some prophetic declarations and revelations said by popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele concerning his ambition.

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Primate Ayodele made a statement in April 2022 concerning the NFF presidency and mentioned that Ibrahim Gusau has been endorsed by God to take over from Amaju Pinnick if the federation wants the best. He said this while warning Pinnick not to seek a third term ambition in office.

Again in August, Primate Ayodele made a more elaborate revelation concerning the ambition of Ibrahim Gusau by saying the NFF deserves a better leader because the country’s football is in serious dilemma. He revealed that humanly speaking, he would have loved Amaju Pinnick to maintain the position but God has spoken and His choice is Ibrahim Gusau.

These were his words ‘’The only person who can make the NFF better is Ibrahim Gusau. I want Amaju Pinnick to retain the seat in my human capacity but God said No to his ambition but Yes to Ibrahim Gusau. Pinnick is a nice man, loveable and compassionate man but he is not God’s choice for the leadership of NFF. He is a man I love so much, I prayed for him to still retain his position as NFF president but God rejected him, there is nothing that can be done to it.’’

‘’Amaju Pinnick is my brother, he is a good Christian and I would have loved a Christian to be there but God said No, he should not continue, there is nothing I can do about it, I will keep praying for him to go higher but for NFF Presidency, God has rejected him despite my prophetic declaration on him.’’ (

Later in August, Primate Ayodele further stressed his prophetic revelation that Ibrahim Gusau is the man whom God has chosen to take Nigeria’s football to the next level because there is so much rot in the system. He also called on Pinnick to support him in order to leave a good legacy behind as his tenure expires

‘’Amaju Pinnick has done so much for Nigerian football and he needs someone who will build on his good legacies. The best person that can do better than Pinnick in NFF is Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau. I am not a footballer or an NFF official but that’s what God has shown me, Gusau is the only man that can bring success to Nigeria football and perform excellently well.’’ (

Finally in September, Primate Ayodele noted that if Ibrahim Gusau emerges as the next NFF president, Nigeria will perform well in the coming African cup of all nations (AFCON) and can reach the quarter final stage in the next world cup.

‘’Ibrahim Gusau and Aisha Falode will make a better leadership in Nigeria Football Federation than anybody, the country will do well in the next world cup and can reach the quarter final stage if these two are in leadership positions. Nigeria also stands a better chance of winning the next African cup of nations with them in the system’’ (

As Ibrahim Gusau emerged as the newly elected president of the NFF, the impact of Primate Ayodele’s prophetic revelation cannot be over emphasized. Every human in all aspects of life looks up to God for directions and when HIS servants speak, it’s definitely the right way to go. The prophetic revelation of the man of God served as a directive for the electorates who want a better representation for the NFF considering the fact that Nigeria’s football has suffered greatly in the last few years.

With this, Primate Ayodele has been confirmed again as the only prophet who proves to the world that God is interested in every area of man’s life with his prophecies concerning all sectors of the country including sports, economy, education, politics, governance, corporate organizations, to mention a few.


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