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Please Save My Mother, Gloria Doyle’s Daughter Cries Out***Details Of Her Sickness



Gloria Doyle

Princess Sylvester, the daughter of gospel singer, Gloria Doyle is seeking assistance to save her mother.

Gloria Doyle is sick and down with Cholecystitis, also  known as gallbladder inflammation.

The once ruboust  singer is now a shadow of herself , as she has been battling with the ailment for years.

To save the actress from dying, A GoFundMe account was created by her daughter,  who revealed the nature of her mother’s sickness’ adding that the infection had affected her right kidney.

Explaining the illness that has turned the once beautiful woman into a shadow of herself, Princess Sylvester said:  “In 2009, my brothers and I moved to the United States to live with our father, leaving my mother behind.

“Earlier this year, my brothers and I tried to bring my mom to the United States, given that we are US citizens, so she can receive the medical attention she needs but unfortunately, she was denied visa.

“We have been given the option to send her to London to get surgery but unfortunately, we have not been able to raise the amount of money we need.

“The medical consultant has advised a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and we are calling on the good people, friends and family out there to come to her aide financially.”

As at Saturday, $555 has been raised out of $15,000 target.

Doyle is reported to be currently admitted at Rapha Medical Centre located at 14 Muyideen street, off Ireshe Road, off Adaraloye street, Ikorodu, Lagos.

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