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Paddy Adenuga Is Up To Something



The image of Paddy Adenuga, the billionaire son of Otunba Mike Adenuga has not been spick and span in the past years.

The younger Adenuga had been trailed by several negative tales that had to do with both the nightlife and the opposite sex.

Some people will even argue that it was this distraction that saw him getting on the wrong side of his father before he eventually left Nigeria for America where he has been for a while.

The last two months have, however, seen a gradual, but persistent attempt at changing how the man is perceived.

A recent write up on how he almost bought Chevron Netherlands without the help of his father has seen the youngman garnering respect from those who hitherto considered him a daddy’s boy.

It is not only on this ground that he has been gathering new fans, as Paddy has also been giving relationship advices too.

While the motive between the new personae is yet unknown, there are those who insist that it is geared toward a particular goal, perhaps his return to Nigeria.

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