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Onajite Okoloko Blaze Trails With Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited



Jite Okoloko


Being boastful comes naturally for many men who have achieved a positive feat.
However, not for hardworking, flexible and accommodating Onajite Okoloko, who is the chairman of Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited.
Okoloko has achieved much yet he is not quick to talk about his achievements, endorsing the school of thought which preaches that accomplishments should speak for themselves.
As the Chairman of Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited, an establishment with operations in Africa and incorporated in 1999, Okoloko has taken the firm which is owned by some Nigerian investors and Delta State Government to an enviable height.
An outfit which started business in 2001, Okoloko has achieved heights including taking the company to a production target of between 12,000 to 15,000 barrels of oil per day.
Okoloko’s secret is said to be his company’s ability to peacefully coexist with host communities and his impressive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in areas of health, safety and the environment.
This was highlighted when Okoloko recently said, “We want our host communities to believe in us and trust us; and that means demonstrating our integrity. When people see you are actually implementing what you have said you would do, then trust is built. If there is no trust, you really cannot get anywhere. We put money in projects that people can see and are the best for a community as a whole. And the fact that we have the Delta State on our side and part of the ownership of the company helps.”
Midwestern is known to have built community centres, roads and hospital wards, awarded scholarships, given books to schools, and supported community events confirming its vision to be a leading independent exploration and production (E&P), company focused on Africa, with a diversified portfolio of hydrocarbon assets.  Indeed, amiable Okoloko is shinning.


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