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Why Nigerians must not allow TSTV to die




Nigeria is a country blessed with so much human and natural resources, the country has always been a shining light in almost every endeavour possible in Africa and the world at large.

In Nigeria, the unfavourable socio-economic system has made it very difficult for indigenous companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups to excel to the fullest of their potential.

There has been insinuations that foreign investors fare better in Nigeria compared to the home based companies. This may look like a fact but we have to examine the root cause of this ugly report.

For instance, in early 2007, an indigenous satellite TV company, HiTV came into existence to compete with the South African based cable company. To an average dish and decoder owner, they are more concerned with that company that can offer them value for their money.

HiTV started very well in competition with the popular company, offering same quality services with lesser prices, but what many cannot explain was how HiTV folded up within a few years of its existence.

There were rumours that the owner took some loans from banks to run the business but he could not pay back. This was certainly not the case, it was a mere propaganda and trick played to set the Nigerian people against the company and its owners. Further digging has revealed that the company was sabotaged by the popular cable company in connivance with some top management officials of the bank where HiTV took several millions of Naira to run the business.

Few months ago, news broke that another premium and quality Dish and Decoder company called TSTV entered the market to compete with others but with cheaper subscriptions. TSTV enjoyed massive media attention, they also enjoyed massive sympathy from Nigerians because of their promise to offer better services with less fees.


TSTV announced that they will be launching on October 1st, promising to give out over 5,000 free decoders, and naturally the company will produce over 10,000 direct and indirect jobs within few months of operation. Surprisingly, rumours started flying around that some powerful people who have interests in existing popular cable company were threatening TSTV. This news angered Nigerians and several people took to social media to air their opinions.  The pressure made the alleged conspirators to pipe low.

Nigerians began to ask why any sane person will want to stop or destroy a company capable of offering quality service with less amount in favour of those ripping off citizens? Why should anyone want to stop the existence of a company capable of producing tens of thousands jobs for the unemployed skilled and unskilled people.

Since the plan to stop TSTV launch failed, the conspirators with popular the cable TV are reportedly making another dangerous move against TSTV which will have a negative impact on the Nigerian economy and affect the already excited potential subscribers.

It was gathered that a certain cable TV company went behind to contact the stations TSTV had already signed contracts with and allegedly paid them 5 million dollars to cancel those airing contracts with TSTV. At as the time of this report, it was gathered that fifteen TV stations have cancelled their contracts with TSTV.

Nigerians should not fold their arms and allow foreigners destroy our own indigenous companies, with the connivance of some saboteurs who are in the corridors of power.

TSTV has promised to introduce pay per view which should be the normal practice to the advantage of subscribers but existing cable TV which has been ripping Nigerians off for decades, is hell bent on sabotaging them to continue to exploit Nigerians. It is about time Nigerians speak up, and prevail on government to support TSTV’s stay and existence in Nigeria.

If we all allow those in the business to kill TSTV the same way they killed HiTV, many of our graduates who are potential employees of TSTV will remain unemployed, the existing cable TV will continue to cheat and rip Nigerians off. Nigerians should only pay for services enjoyed and not be subjected to the forceful monopoly.

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