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Nigerians Have The Opportunity To Gain Their Freedom In 2019-Fela Durotoye




The presidential candidate of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Fela Durotoye, has revealed that Nigerians have the opportunity to gain their freedom in 2019.

Durotoye said this during a Press Parley which held in Lagos on Thursday, December 11.

At the event which was attended by the party’s Chairman, Emmanuel Dania, Durotoye said that he believed that 2019 is going to be a new beginning for Nigeria and Nigerians.

“This year is going to be a new beginning for our nation, and even though we gained independence in 1960, we now have a unique opportunity to gain our freedom through our choices in the upcoming elections.”

Further, he said “by freedom, I mean our freedom from the shackles of the cabals and a few people who have held us bound soon after independence. Freedom from the deprivation, the poverty, the hunger, the preventable diseases and all other forms of hardship brought upon us by those who have ruled us and held us captive for so long. Freedom from the terror of armed robbers, kidnappers, herdsmen, militants and the harassment and extortion from security agents. Freedom from the shackles of unemployment and career stagnation. Freedom for our students to pursue an academic career without strikes. Freedom for every woman and every girl to maximize her full potential without any limitations to opportunities because of her gender. Freedom to pursue our business dreams without the oppression and suppression of government policies that have brought upon us economic stagnation and recession. Freedom to succeed in whatever part of the country we are in because we are Nigerians, without being marginalized or discriminated against by tribe or religion.”

Speaking on the challenges in the road to a new Nigeria, the man who is known for his many social works said
“I believe that this journey to a new Nigeria will be filled with hope, joy and celebrations and at the upcoming elections, Nigerians would vote for their freedom and would vote for a party that is committed to their freedom, their happiness and their prosperity. This is why I am convinced that you and millions of people just like you and I, people who are unhappy and tired of living in a country where life is just so hard and nothing seems to be working; people who believe that we are blessed enough to be a better country than we are today; all of us will come out and vote overwhelmingly for ANN, the party with the logo of a lion in the 2019 Elections”

“I am expectant and excited about the possibilities of a new Nigeria where there will be jobs and opportunities for all to prosper and enjoy good success. A new Nigeria with opportunities for all to pursue their happiness as they achieve great goals and lofty dreams. A new Nigeria where the son of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody because it is a Nigeria where things work for everyone, a Nigeria where everyone is able to find fulfilling work as they make things work, a nation where every citizen lives in peace and harmony in a society protected by friendly, well trained and equipped policemen who are respectful and respectable and who inspire a sense of safety and security in everyone”

Known for his love for both the aged and those with disabilities, Durotoye said “In the new Nigeria, disability will not be a disadvantage and no Nigerian will age with fear of a vulnerable life in retirement or in the unfortunate incident of accident. We will honour and regard our veterans and pensioners with prompt and painless payment of their gratuity and ensure regular payments of their monthly pension allowances while giving privileged access on queues at bus stops, train and ferry stations and airports all across our land. This assurance of elderly care and a high quality of life in retirement will curtail the tendency of the middle-aged working class to seek to amass wealth through corrupt means to guarantee a comfortable life in retirement,” Durotoye said.

Emphasising that a new Nigeria is coming, Durotoye said that it will be a nation where everyone can find joyful employment without knowing anybody, as people won’t need to go to the cities in search of opportunities because there would be economic growth and job opportunities in every community and every local government area across Nigeria.

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