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Nene Johnson Drops Konga Single



Tonight crooner, Nene Johnson is back with a fresh and extremely hot joint.
This is the song you can’t ignore.

Already it’s enjoying massive downloads all over the world! A real roof raiser! Konga comes in a fast and punchy beat suitable for club rockers and she titles this “KONGA”. Konga will make rock the dance floor.

This smashing beat was laced by the expertise of Scope Nero, who is also featured on the track. “They say they feeling my konga, all the boys wanna ride on my jangolova” .

With a perfect blend of hip-hop, Konga is the right cognac for the night . The juicy and beautiful lady will be shooting two videos at a stretch, did you say “no dulling?” you can say that again! She revealed that she will be shooting the videos of her first single, Lligali ft Jhybo and that of her new club banger, Konga ft Scope Nero from Oct 16th to 17th with a UK based video Director, Neri Pictures .

You agree that her Royal Sweetness ain’t smiling.




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