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Negative reactions trail Chi Limited’s partnership with Man United***As Nigerians call for boycott of the Chi brands



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Chi Limited might be one of the leading beverage producing companies in the country, but it is one company which does not have the interest of Nigeria at heart.

This is one fact which has been established overtime. However, recent developments have made it more obvious.


The recent partnership between Chi Limited and Man United has been greeted with negative reactions, as most Nigerians who have commented about it say it is a partnership which is against national development.

Reacting to the partnership Ade Primus-Interperes said “I gather that “Chivita” drink has partnered Manchester United. If Nigerians were logical in reasoning, that should be enough reasons to boycotts all “chi” products. From partnering Man United which doesn’t need them, to ignoring local premier league clubs that need them, it shows the extent to which some Nigerian brands can go to undermine National growth for profit.” He went on to say “It shows the extent to which they want to continue to extract from the system and pouring outside our shores, provided we keep providing them with capital. It shows the extent to which they can outsource our much needed jobs to foreigners provided Nigerians can continue to provide the capital. Chivita is bleeding this economy.”

 Ade Primus-Interperes, is however not the only person who hold this opinion, as Lukmon Akintola, a journalist share a similar belief. According to Dada Fehintola, “Chi Limited has just joined the league of companies who rather than invest in the country where they make their money would take it abroad where it is not needed.”

Another person who supports the anti Chi Limited campaign is Humphrey Onyeukwu. Onyeukwu, is currently asking his friends on various social media including Face Book to push the hash tag #StopDrinkingChivitaJuices#.

The multi – year deal will allow the beverage manufacturers to use the club’s crest and club imagery on a range of products throughout the country.

Man United’s official website, announced that Chivita 100% will be the flagship product of the partnership. The products manufactured by Chi Limited include Chivita 100%, Chivita Active, Chi Exotic, Chi Happy Hour and Chi Ice Tea

Ahmed Korede

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