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Meet Nollywood’s Oldest Actress, Grace Oyin-Adejobi



Grace Oyin-Adejobi

Grace Oyin-Adejobi has been confirmed as the oldest actress in Nollywood.

The woman popularly known as ‘Iya Osogbo’ was recently visited by veteran actor, Dele Odule.

In an Instagram post on his page, Odule shared a photo with the 90-year-old veteran. In the photo, Odule was seen holding the old woman lovingly, as they both smiled at the camera.

Captioning the photo, Odule stated that it is amazing to be with elders and the purpose of his visit was to know how the old woman was faring.

He also revealed that they had a lengthy but great conversation and prayed that the land shall not lack elders.

The actor wrote: “It’s amazing to be with the elders, I visited the ninety years old and of course the oldest female actor in Yoruba genre of Nollywood, Mama, Grace Oyin-Adejobi popularly known as Iya Osogbo, to know how she’s faring, we had a lengthy conversation and it was quite great, àgbà o ní tán lórí’lẹ̀ o.”

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