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For some weeks now, one misguided and possessed woman named Maureen Badejo who is obviously looking for followers on social media for financial gains has been speaking about the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries UK, so much that she went ahead to attack the person of Dr D.K Olukoya, the wife, the son, some key people in the church and the entire organisation, with fabrications and unfounded stories cooked up by her and some conniving fired former MFM pastors of doom ,for whoever cares to pay her any mind.


This woman moves from ministry to ministry speaking ill about pastors and ministries, she was on RCCG for a while and when her emptiness faded, she decided to jump on MFM. Her show is for ridicule and unfounded gossip as she claims to be doing an exposition of crooked ministries but we all know that its for the money that comes from followership.

But why ridicule those who have no business with being ridiculed? Why connive with people to destroy ministries and peoples hard work with fallacies and terrible conspiracies, Mountain of fire and Miracle ministries is no ordinary ministry and what Maureen does not know is that she jumped into the fire of God. I have personally witnessed the power of God move through the humble and soft spoken man of God Dr DK Olukoya and I believe mountain of fire will be the last bus stop for this lady, for her and the dark forces behind her must surely be consumed by fire.

In her frustrated ranting and misguided arguments , her unfounded allegations against the man of God expands from fraud in the church, adultery, lies, adoption, fake marriage, fornication, purchased baby , conspiracy and so on . But first let’s look at Maureen Badejo the so called woman who is behind theses unfounded stories

This is a lady, no, a woman that wrecked her husband’s business, scammed and defrauded him before absconding to the UK. She registered a church as a limited company, instead of a charity organisation so that she can defraud people and take advantage of the UK government through charity aids. The name of the so called church is FREEDOM APOSTOLIC REVIVAL INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES LIMITED with company number 1111076. You can look it up , and If you want to know more about this woman of darkness, that is going to and fro like her father looking for whom to devour, visit the page of the You tuber victor king and watch the exclusive expose of a live testimony of Maureen Badejo husbands friend baring it all in a telephone conversation with victor King

As a journalist I believe that there are always two sides to a matter, and before stories are aired both sides must be properly investigated, but because Maureen and her cohorts knows that the Man of God D.k Olukoya will never respond to such unfounded pack of statements and gullible stories , she decided to fabricate stories, cook up lies with the aid of a set of rogue pastors that has been kicked out of MFM for misconduct and misappropriations, little did she know that these people she is working for are on a mission and obviously didn’t tell her the truth about the matters arising

She succeeded in whipping up sentiments and grabbing the fast listening gossip audience, but I say no to this madness and perjury hence I have decided to dig into the matter and correct her evil tantrums

You see Maureen is on a mission and if not called to order with the truth she will end up derailing so many young believers and faint hearted people that are already falling prey to her satanic gimmicks.

First of all, DK Dk Olukoya the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire, is a fine man of integrity, humility, discipline, holiness, respect for mankind, above all a humanitarian, this is a man with over 30,000 people worldwide on some sort of pay role for upkeep of different levels, these people range from widows, rehabilitated prostitute, destitute, fatherless, homeless, jobless , and too numerous to mention. This q man of God gives scholarships, pays house rents for families , pays school fees for international studies, supports missions , researches , universities and so on , apart from the DR being a role model of faith, a father ,a preacher of Christ, he also goes about doing good, and now somebody like Maureen is trying to use his passion for humanity to stain his GOD GRACED personality .

Let me quickly tell you the many lies of MAUREEN BADEJO against the man of God, first, she stated in one of her YouTube live stream that the man of God has issues with his wife, this actually made me laugh because this is the biggest lie from the pit of hell, she said she hasn’t been in Nigeria for years, the wife comes home whenever she is free from school and other of her businesses and whenever she has a program to attend to here in Nigeria.

Another fabricated lie was that Olukoya’s wife was never pregnant, that Elijah was purchased, the craziest of these allegations at this point is that Mr and Mrs Olukoya are divorced, and that Mrs Olukoya has moved to Canada for the past two years. Hshaha, I laugh at your ignorance. I beg your pardon Maureen, you have completely crossed your boundaries, and since you don’t know, let me bring you up to speed with the truth.

From our findings we gathered that Dr Mrs Sade Olukoya hasn’t visited Canada since 2005, we also got to know that Elijah was born at the very popular hospital in London, the PORTLAND HOSPITAL in 2004 . You can look it up, the doctors that took the delivery of the handsome young man are still very much alive. It’s only a man that is cursed that will look at Elijah and not see a splitting image of Dr D.k Olukoya.

For her long absence from Nigeria that you claimed YOU DEFINITELY HAVE THE WRONG PERSON IN VIEW. Sorry to burst your bubbles ma, Dr Mrs Sade Olukoya was home during the inauguration of the Lagos state governor in May, she was home for the burial of the General Overseer’s mother sometime in August last year, she was at the cross over night service of 2019 to 2020 and the first PMCH of the year.

Maureen I can tell you all her visits for the past months and the ones to come but I don’t think you deserve such, you can look them up on YouTube, we await a proof of your allegation, the document of purchase of their baby and every evidence that you have that proves that Elijah is not the child of Mr and Mrs OLUKOYA. And a divorce document and proof of her Canadian residency and address.

MAUREEN in the quest to pull down dabbled into matters that rogue pastors have tried to use to get back at Dr Olukoya , after been excommunicated, placed under suspension or put to undergo strict disciplinary measures, and failed .I call it The tax evasion lie, this lie has never worked, Just as those rogue pastors were ignorant of the fact that his books are duely freighted into different part of the world where they are sold through due process, the so called Maureen foolishly fell for it and blabbed her way all through her social media stream that Olukoya has a case of Tax evasion in the US , A case that has been won and dusted by the man of God many years ago, you can look it up ,but we are also waiting for Maureen to provide the proof of her allegation.

Maureen Badejo said that the sum of 150,000 pounds was paid into the account of DR .D.K Olukoya by one pastor to cover up his fraudulent act in London, from our deep investigation we had the opportunity to talk to a few people who knew about the case and our findings just proved to us that Maureen is indeed a case of insanity or bad communication.

First of we realised that no pastor in the UNITED KINGDON HAS EVER PAID A PENNY into the General Overseer’s account , and the matter was not a case of fraud, it was a contract agreement that was breached by one of two parties over a property and the settlement money was to be paid into an MFM account but was diverted into the pastors account of which he used for things not directly stated by the ministry and this matter has been resolved years ago with disciplinary measures taken, of which the pastor has started paying back the money to the ministry in the UK , SO YOU CAN SEE THAT MAUREEN NEEDS DELIVERANCE.

The wife of the General Overseer is a pastor of the ministry and she is entitled to salary and benefits, but our finding has shown that she has never received a dime from the MFM UK church. Maureen in one of her taunting YouTube streams stated that the wife of DK Olukoya receives the sum of 35,000 pounds per annum from the church in the UK, and also stated that their son Elijah has 6 billion in heritage bank in Nigeria, we have done our research and found out that the young man Elijah has no account what so ever in that Bank. For the wife that receives salary of 35000 pounds we would like Maureen to state the name of the bank that these monies are being paid into, the branches paying the money, account number and if possible statements or any proof of these transactions, Maureen Badejo if you want to whip up sentiments, don’t use lies or unfounded accusations, you will end up reaping the consequences of your bad intentions, we are waiting for the evidence of your accusations.

Maureen Badejo also lied that Dr Olukoya as the General Overseer of MFM covered up the alleged sexual infidelity of one pastor Dupeola Ajayi, of which this is not true. The GO, upon receiving the allegation, immediately summoned the pastor to Lagos Nigeria and made him to face series of disciplinary measures which were not limited to immediate recall, immediate suspension from ministering, Deliverance at the Prayer City for two months, rehabilitation program under the supervision of one of the Assistants General Overseer, Pastor Ladejola. Dupeola Ajayi, decided to resign instead of submitting himself fully to all these disciplinary and rehabilitating measures.

In one of her streams, she claimed that an MFM pastor in Austria was involved in financial recklessness and was arrested. Whereas, the said allegation was duly investigated by the Police and the alleged pastor was given a certificate of clean bill and this happened years ago but she is making people think that these false allegations are recent happenings , but Maureen can you stop for a while and question the integrity of the person feeding you with these doctored matters

This hooligan of a woman lied that MFM Pastors falsify documents to stay in the UK and Olukoya knows about this , first of, there is no way the general overseer of a big church like MFM will know the immigration status of all his pastors, that’s impossible, but again this practice has several sermons and books in Olukoya collections, preaching against acts like this and this is one of the reasons you are trying so hard to dent and mar the image of the church, in other words scatter or pull down the ministry because from our investigations we have found out that the persons you are working for are the set of rogue pastors that were kicked out of MFM for most of these atrocities you are accusing Olukoya of ,you are wicked and your sins will not go unpunished

You spoke about charity money fraud without getting the facts and knowing the truth , the Charity case of the 1 million pounds gift aid was more of an external fraud committed against MFM, not a fraud committed by MFM OR DK OLUKOYA .Maureen Badejo is been fed with lies and rumours that will not only destroy her but put her in a very big trouble with God , you keep calling Olukoya name that he committed fraud with charity money, but ma, it was an act committed by one so called pastor with an external auditor and the case had since been resolved, with the pastor paying back the money amicably, mind you, these monies never got to the bank account of MFM before they were swindled out, so Maureen bridle that serpent tongue of yours that contains only venoms of destruction

You Maureen alleged that a sum of 4 Million Pounds was stolen from MFM and this were also known to Dr Olukoya who she claimed that is fully involved in the frauds. I will forgive you for this statement FOR this is total abysmal ignorance, let me correct you and kindly tell your feeders to always convey their information correctly. The 4 million pounds as recorded is the total gross asset of 2017, it was not liquidated cash , it was a calculation of properties, donations and more , please we would urge Maureen to tell us how the fraudulent act of the 4 million pounds was committed by Dr Olukoya or how the money was stolen by MFM pastors

You seem to be very much interested in peddling false allegation of women being touched in MFM, lets you forget MFM IS A DELIVERANCE MINISTRY and people come with different kind of spiritual problems buried in different part of their bodies, both male and female and anointing oil is an essential ornament of the work of prayer.

What you failed to understand is that, as a do it your self-ministry. You practically do the anointing of your body yourself and if it’s a place you can’t reach, same sex pastors are called in to do the applications , and these are cases spanning from rape victims, women with both sexual organs menstrual disorders, fruit of the womb ,ovarian cyst, women with long term pregnancies, strange male organs ,men with both organs , men with permanent erections , men with shrinking organs , and many more, the corridor sees all sort and the power of God is fully manifest beyond human understanding, I can stand to testify any day that Dr Olukoya will never touch any woman inappropriately, The man OF God even uses a bottle with a spray cap to dispense anointing oil when dong his work .

I urge that you desist from these evil act that you put up to tarnish characters and images of role models and peculiars beings, that you and your unborn generations can never become . All for mammon, repent Maureen for your judgement is nigh. Be warned, your fake paid callers and supporting rogue pastors will disappear when the fire begins to burn.

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