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Rivers APC Crisis: Hold Abe, co-travellers responsible for party’s state




… Amaechi’s efforts to re-fix party has been frustrated by Abe and co

..Says neither Amaechi nor himself is to be blamed for the crisis

Having stumbled on a litany of articles, press statements and commentaries not worth any response, either sponsored by Senator Magnus Abe or authored by members of his  misguided band of untamed publicists, accusing the Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi and a party stalwart, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze as responsible for the crisis that has overwhelmed the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), one cannot help but put the records straight for public knowledge and posterity sake.

It is in the public domain that Senator Abe has severally accused Chief Eze of being a hireling, contracted by the Minister to cause discombobulation in the party and leave it in perpetual disarray and as a result he incites his band of idiotic intransigents and some group of hired youth to continue to malign, threaten and abuse the party chief on daily basis.

In one of his various interviews, Sen. Abe inciting the youths against Chief Eze stated thus… “political mercenaries, and conflict entrepreneurs like Chief Eze, who has no ward or polling unit in Rivers State has continually misled the Minister of Transportation into the false belief that he was a Superman and every contrary voice in the party must be crushed”.

Furthermore, in Abe’s futile attempt to continue to disparage the personality of Chief Eze and that of the Minister, Abe’s strong ally who also serves as one of his Media Aides, Sampson Oburu in a post recently highlighted that, ” Chief Eze, You are the problem in APC, you and your principal Amaechi. You and your Principal’s anti party is the bane of APC in Edo and Rivers State”.

Reacting to the frivolous stuff and nonsense peddled around by Sen. Abe and his agents, Chief Eze, an erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chief of the APC,   posited thus “the fact remains that one very awkward and embarrassing task any individual can venture into is to take up the responsibility of speaking for a serial wrongdoer and political desperado who survives in pulling others down by distorting facts to suit his style of cocktail. The frustrations and emotional backache coupled with the overwhelming sense of guilt and psychological trauma attached with such responsibility is in fact, suicidal”.

Describing the allegations as lacking in basis, satanic, unsubstantiated and emanating from the pit of hell, Chief Eze said Abe and his paid purveyors of falsehood singly intend to distort facts and divert attention from their commercial scheme of keeping the party in perpetual crisis in compliance with the terms of their agreement with Gov. Wike and the People’s Democratic Party.

He said he has remained under attack on hourly basis by those who do not mean well for the party, especially persons working with Sen. Abe. One of such nauseating texts from a friend of Abe who exhumed the worst adjectival phrase from his grammatical archives to describe Chief Eze reads;

“May thunder visit Eze Chukwuemeka Eze and his family, including his generation, an ABIA STATE MAN, paid heavily by RT HON CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI to cause problem ROCKING or BEDEVILING RIVERS STATE APC, God will surely punish the Biafraud peg, that called himself Chief Eze chukwuemeka Eze. The idiot called Eze Chukwuemeka Eze is a big disgrace to the Igbos.

Biafraud peg he is.” – AMB PRINCE IHUNWO

Eze said it is utterly disconcerting for Sen. Abe and his friends to allege that the Transportation Minister bankrolls his media publications and sundry actions, stressing that as an adult, he is old enough to take responsibility for his actions and inactions.

“Let me categorically state that it is an insult on my person and personality at my age and position in public to allege that the Minster and Leader of the party in the South South, Rt. Hon. Dr. Amaechi is behind my write ups and actions”.

He said holding such opinion is simply idiotic because according to him, Sen. Abe severally made attempts in the past to buy him over, unknown to him, a man’s integrity is worth more than silver and gold.

“If Abe and his group can be so timid to hold this type of sinister thought and opinion about the Minster, Abe should have tried to tell the world that he once plotted to buy me over to his group even before I formally joined Amaechi’s political Team”, he stated.

Furthermore, the party Chief said “The fact and records were sufficiently reflected in most of my articles in defence of Abe especially, when he (Abe) was arrested by the EFCC in 2008 and more importantly, when Wike plotted to scuttle his Senatorial ambition in 2015”.

Chief Eze said if exposing the wicked schemes to frustrate peace in Rivers State Chapter of the APC is his only sin, so be it.

Stressing that he is old enough to bear the consequences of his engagements, Eze cautioned Abe and company to desist from shifting blames to Rt. Hon. Amaechi whom he described as unblemished.

The party stalwart said he had made appreciable attempts in various publications to expose how Sen. Abe engineered the crisis in the APC which dates back to 2014, when he could not access the gubernatorial ticket of the party.

He said Abe thereafter swore to tear the party apart and leave it in shambles in perpetuity. No wonder all reasonable efforts to restore peace to the party have been exercises in futility.

“Similarly, I have in a well articulated petition to the National Reconciliation Committee set up by the party under the Chairmanship of His Excellency, Chief Bisi Akande, outlined all the sins Abe and his group have visited the chapter with. Apart from this, I have done series of articles and write-ups on how Abe denied the party victory during the 2015 general elections and improved on his well celebrated and historical evil plot to deny the party from contesting any political position during the 2019 general elections, all to ensure that Amaechi has no political platform to work upon”.

It is unthinkable that after informing the world that he is Chibuike Amaechi’s highest political investment, Sen. Abe will turn around to be so mean and wicked to a man without whom his political career would have ended at the Rivers State House of Assembly.

It is on record how Abe and his group have frustrated and ensured that all the efforts by the National Body of APC to organise a peaceful Congresses are frustrated. For reasons only known to him, he refused to go back to the Senate with hope of taking up the position of the Deputy Senate President which was zoned to the South-South   just to ensure that the PDP continues to hold sway in the State. What type of party man will be so mean to his party if he is not a tool in the hands of those who feel threatened by the rising political profile of Chibuike Amaechi.

Today, in the eyes of the public, APC in Rivers State is in the cooler just because a man vowed that unless the gubernatorial ticket is handed to him there will be no APC in the state and sadly, instead of sanctioning such character, he is motivated and encouraged with a Board appointment with the NNPC for being so wicked and inhumane. It is indeed unbelievable and unfortunate.

He further stated that more shocking is the fact that some APC members who are well versed to these facts are on daily basis blaming the Minster and leader for their woes instead of holding responsible the man who has kept us all in this mess.

The caring party chieftain sympathises with party members over the ravaging hunger but reiterated that the fate of Oshiomhole awaits all those who contributed one way or the other to the present state of APC in Rivers State.

Eze recalled thus. “Amaechi saw all this coming our way and assembled both Senator Abe’s group and Dakuku’s group in the Rivers State Government House before the 2015 general elections and pleaded with all to work together to win the elections and that if not, it will be very difficult to sustain all members of the political family as his going to Abuja cannot sustain everybody.  Instead of adhering to this wise counsel, Abe and his group resorted to play the spoilers script which eventually cost us the elections.”

Eze maintained that although Amaechi is doing his best but he is an individual and still needs the party’s prayers and support to secure the party from the hands of those who have vowed never to be alive to see the APC thrive.

Eze commended the two federal Lawmakers from Rivers State who recently joined the Rivers APC; Hon. Ephraim Nwuzi – Etche/Omuma Federal Constituency and Hon. Chisom Dike, representing Eleme/Tai/Oyigbo Federal Constituency as well as Gov. Wike’s former Commissioner, John Bahzia.

Describing them as brave, the party chief expressed confidence that their entrance into the APC will contribute meaningfully to the ongoing efforts at stabilizing the party.

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