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Magu’s Team Of Lawyers, Writes Presidential Panel, Makes Vital Demands




Wahab Shittu, the counsel of the suspended Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu has made certain demands of the presidential probe panel investigating him.

Magu is being investigated for alleged corruption by a panel led by former Appeal Court Chairman, Ayo Salami.

Shittu, on Friday, July 10, pleaded with the presidential investigation committee to grant his client bail.

According to Shittu, Magu needed the bail because the print and electronic media had taken undue advantage of his detention to launch a campaign of calumny against him.

Asides the bail, Shittu made six other demands including making the terms of reference of the committee available to Magu and giving him the opportunity to know the allegations against him.

He said witnesses were being called and examined by the committee behind Magu’s back and at the same time disallowing him and his counsel from participating in the proceedings involving such witnesses.

Shittu made the demands on Friday, July 10, in a letter of plea to the panel. He said: “We act as counsel of choice to Mr. Ibrahim Mustapha Magu, the Ag. chairman of the EFCC hereinafter referred to as “our client” and on whose behalf and specific instructions we write as follows: “Our client has briefed and drawn our attention to the letter dated 6th of July, 2020 ref No. PIC/AR/VOL.1/01 wherein he was informed as follows: “The above-mentioned panel is investigating the above-listed offences in which you feature prominently, and the need to obtain clarification from you has become necessary.

“You are therefore directed to with immediate effect accompany the Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Gabriel Elaigwu, and team to report to the chairman and members of the committee today 6th July 2020. Ensure compliance and receipt of my warmest regards please.”

Shittu said that Magu, on receiving the said letter and followed the ACP Gabriel Elaigwu and team to the Banquet Hall, State House Abuja has since been in custody and “appearing before your esteemed committee.”

He said since his appearance before the panel, Magu had not been served petitions against him. “Mr. Chairman, since the 6th of July, 2020 when our client honored your invitation, he has been consistently applying to the committee to be given the petitions containing the allegations of conspiracy, corrupt enrichment, abuse of office/power which request has not been honoured or obliged till date.

“Our client has also informed us that he remains unaware of the terms of reference of this distinguished committee. Sir, our client has also drawn our attention to the following: “That he has been in detention and kept at the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) of the Nigerian Police Force, Area 10 Abuja since the 6th of July till date without being informed of the allegations leveled against him and the deserved opportunity to timeously study and respond to same.

“That witnesses are called and examined by the committee behind his back and without allowing him and counsel of his choice to participate in the proceedings involving these witnesses.”

He said Magu was being maligned in the media including the alleged keeping of secret accounts, acquisition of properties in Dubai, and giving N4billion to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. The counsel made seven demands from Ayo Salami-led panel.

The requests by Magu according to his counsel are: 1. That our client will appreciate if afforded the privilege of the terms of reference of this distinguished committee.

2. That the petitions containing the allegations be given to our client to afford him the opportunity of knowing the allegations against him, study same, and prepare a robust defence.

3. That our client will appreciate the intervention of the committee in ordering the release of our client from custody to enable him to defend himself adequately and attend to his deteriorating health in custody. Atiku reacts to presidential election tribunal’s ruling

4. That our client be given adequate time to respond to the allegations against him including providing necessary materials and evidence before this Honourable Committee.

5. That our client be afforded the opportunity to confront the petitioners with his own defence.

6. That witness be examined in his presence and that of his counsel.

7. That our client be guaranteed his right to fair hearing including his right to liberty in the course of the proceedings of this distinguished committee. “My Lord, the chairman of the committee and honourable members, our client will appreciate your taking timeous steps in addressing the fundamental concerns of our client raised in this letter.

“Whilst awaiting your urgent intervention on the issues raised herein please be assured my lord of our best wishes and professional regards,” Shittu added.

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