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Lagos Judicial Panel: Soldiers Disrupt Panel’s Investigation




Members of the Lagos Judicial Panel were refused access into the mortuary of the Military Hospital, Ikoyi, Lagos on Friday, October 30.

The panel, headed by Justice Doris Okuwobi (Rtd), had arrived at the hospital having received an intelligence report that bodies from the Lekki shooting were in the mortuary.

Soldiers stop Lagos judicial panel from accessing military mortuary to investigate Lekki tollgate shooting (videos)

Recall that there had been allegations that at least 15 people were killed during the Lekki Toll Gate shooting, with allegations that the bodies of those killed during the shooting were taken away by the army.

However, efforts by the panel members to access the mortuary was prevented when they were refused entry into the hospital at the gate.

Addressing the soldiers at the gate, Ebun Adegboruwa, a member of the panel said:

“The facility is relevant to our investigation. We have a pathologist. We are here on the authority of the president, not only the governor,” he said.

“We are following due process, and it is important we visit the mortuary as it will help our findings.

“If we are not allowed access, we will go back and take other actions. We won’t force ourselves in. We have confidential information that the military hospital here is relevant in the investigation of the Lekki event. We heard this hospital is controlled by 65 Battalion and under the 81 Division. We are also taking steps to reach military authorities.”

Adegboruwa said though the panel does not have evidence that there are bodies of those killed at the Toll Gate in the hospital, it was at the facility to verify the claim.

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