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Korede Bello Explains Hiatus, Describes It As Reinforcement



Korede Bello

Nigerian singer, Korede Bello, has described his new offering as an evolution, a growth, and a reinforcement of his past effort.

Bello revealed this during an interactive session, adding that his new campaign is not a comeback.

Explaining this position, the Mavin Records artiste said there are different reasons why we slow down.

“I don’t think anybody is built to just be moving all the time or constantly be on speed, especially if you value your health, the health of your machine, your body.

“It could be anything, the health of your car, even if it’s lovemaking, whatever it is. At some point, you need to slow down because there’s a purpose to motion. You’re not just moving. You’re moving with purpose.”

Adding that he never went anywhere and as such his presently delivery could hardly be termed a comeback, the ‘Godwin’ singer said: “I’ve always been working. But to the person perceiving, you might perceive it as a comeback. For instance, when a child is born, they say ‘welcome to this world’. But the child already existed in another place. And you see, the perception is ‘oh, the child is new to this world’. So it’s relative.

“Meanwhile, the child already existed in another place but the place that the child is leaving from, they are saying bye-bye. But when the child comes to earth, they say welcome. It’s perception. I wouldn’t call it a comeback, I’d call it reinforcement. Or let me use physics, for instance, Newton’s law of motion.

“So let’s say I’ve been moving and I decide to switch the gears. Instead of going turbo speed, I decided to go slow and I picked up the speed again. Do you get me? So it’s a reinforcement of my motion. I decided to slow down, but now I picked up the speed. So I don’t think it’s a comeback because I’ve always been in motion. I’ve always been moving.”


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