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‘Just Before I Do’ Creates Masterpiece with Nollywood Veterans



Jide kosoko
Dubbed a movie with a unique storyline which is different from the regular industry stories, Just Before I Do is set to be released at the cinemas from April 13, 2018 starring notable veterans like Jide Kosoko, Hafeez Oyetoro, Moses Omilani Adubi and Shaffy Bello.

In an industry plagued with less than stellar acting and where the veterans are asked to take a back seat, Just Before I Do masterfully combined the brilliance of new, capable actors with that of solid industry veterans, who have years of experience. This combination became the masterstroke needed for the blockbuster, Just Before I Do. 


The movie takes an average story of a conniving mother-in-law and an intending couple whose relationship was plagued and became complicated, and turned it into a thriller, suspenseful and highly entertaining movie.


The ever funny veteran, ‘Saka’ (Hafeez Oyetoro) comes in regularly to deliver an act only he can deliver. The chuckles and the laughter seem to drop effortlessly wherever he opens his mouth.


A “father” to many in the industry, Jide Kosoko, having starred in hundreds movies, brings that brilliance to the set of Just Before I Do and gave a performance that is nothing short of world-class.

Not many are aware that the man behind Just Before I Do is the son of a Nollywood veteran whom many know by face but not by the name Moses Omilani Adubi. His act in the movie makes you reminisce the good old days where we were proud of our movie exports.


Other actors in Just Before I Do are Omowunmi Dada, Kalu Ikeagwu, Eddy Watson, and Omilani Oluyinka.


As Just Before I Do opens in cinemas from April 13 2018, viewers will be treated to a movie where veterans brought their A-Game.

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