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Is Svetiana Alexandrovna Above The Law?




An unpalatable allegation is making the rounds about Russian business woman, Svetiana Alexandrovna.


According to the allegation , Alexandrovna, has been allegedly involved in an unfortunate incident involving the assault and racial abuse of a Nigerian citizen who logged at her hotel, New Ikenga Hotel and Resort Nsukka, Enugu.

Svetiana Alexandrovna

Svetiana Alexandrovna, General Manager, New Ikenga Hotel and Resort Nsukka, Enugu

According to information available to us, Alexandrovna, who is the General Manager of New Ikenga Hotel and Resort Nsukka in Enugu state allegedly assaulted and racially abused staffers of an exporting company who had visited the hotel for a staff and management get together.

Svetiana Alexandrovna

The staffers of the exporting company (name withheld) had lodged in the hotel on Sunday April 15th, but trouble started while they were having fun in the bar.


For throwing up in the bar of the hotel, one of the staffers of the exporting company logged in the hotel allegedly got the insult of his life, as Alexandrovna rather than managing the mess, resulted to allegedly calling the customers unprintable names such as  “King Of The Forest”, “Homosapian”, “Black Goat” and several others. While covering her nose to imply her guests were oozing and were not in her racial class, she also ordered her security officers to throw the guests logged in the hotel out of the premises.

Svetiana Alexandrovna

His stay outside the hotel lasted between 11 PM  and 2 AM. It probably would have been better had he only been left outside the hotel, however, other guests who tried to intervene were shock when they found out he had been brutalized like a criminal leaving bruises all over his body and his eye.


Interestingly, other staffers of the exporting company were shocked when the following day Monday, April 16th while in a meeting they were allegedly interrupted by officers of the Nigerian Police who allegedly arrested them with Alexandrovna showing up several hours later to continue her insult on people supposed to be guests at her hotel.


While the staffers of the exporting company had hoped that the DPO of the station Badamosi Mohammed would call Alexandrovna to order, they were shocked when he rather chose to placate her by begging her, while she several called them all sorts of names.


Matters were made worse when one of the staffers tried telling their side of the story only to be allegedly shut down by the DPO who walked him out of his office. At the end of the day, they were forced to pay for logging bills which they didn’t incurred, while they also ended up treating their injury friend who is said to be presently almost blind. One question which is begging for answer presently is if Alexandrovna is above the law.

Presently, undergoing treatment, the victim of the Russian’s attack is calling on the Enugu State Police Commissioner, Mohammed Danmallam and in extension the Inspector General (IG) of Police to look into the issue, as he won’t rest till justice is served.


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