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Imo: Government Appointees And The Iberiberism Of Grab All Mentality




This may not be the best time and period for the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma in his political career, following barrage and incessant attacks on him from a number of quarters. How much do some people want him out as governor? So bad that they currently use a criminal style of fake news and alignment with IPOB as tools. Honestly, I have taken my time to study the whole “unholy” drama in the state and I wept. The governor receives attack from IPOB, attack from new media, attack from national media and local media. These people are determined to destroy Imo politically, economically, and socially, even though they rowdily posture as champions of Imo interests. To them, if they are not the governor then the state must remain ungovernable. So far they have made Uzodinma’s time in office so toxic. They romance with IPOB to undo Imo.  IPOB is currently a great demon bedeviling the South East, giving it little room for development and accounting for almost unbroken, steamrolling problems Igbos are facing in Nigeria.

The damage to Uzodinma’s brand is deep. We must tell the truth.  His support plummeted from 92% in February of 2020 to 45% and his disapproval rating rose to 46%. The deeper damage to the Uzodinma brand was among some of his commissioner’s and appointees. Some of them were like Papa Ajasco politicians. It is tempting to think of some of these commissioners and appointees as pseudo-leaders who could not play politics. They were so deep into the Iberiberism of grab all mentality that they were willing to risk the reputation of the governor. These politicians and aides did harm to the image of Uzodinma. A true leader sets an example. When there’s something to be had, someone who cares about his constituents doesn’t just grab all he can for himself. He makes sure his people get what they need too. When a governor’s appointee refuse to carry along top players in the national media, top players in the local media, top players in the New Media circle, top players of politics from his LGA, top players of politics from his community, and top players of politics from his ward, such appointee has prepared the ground for the governor to fail. A good appointee will prefer to operate where his people can easily see him, touch him, eat with him and discuss the progress of the state with him.

Some of Governor Uzodinma’s appointees failed woefully. Reach out to them, you won’t get a response. Call them, you waste your time. Their poor performance contributed to the toxic in government. For them, it was a grab-all mentality, for me and for me alone. No one else matters. The governor’s image does not matter. Their ear-piercing sirens announce their formidable presence attended by gun-toting security men and women as they move from point A to point B. Once the appointee is distanced from the people and tends to place himself over and above the people, thus ruling with a lethal combination and arrogance there will be problems. Uzodinma’s appointees must wake up.

Imo state is blessed with men and women that have insight on how to move the grassroots forward, men of legitimate material possessions yet humble and touching lives of many with love and kindness. Go for such men. Build a network of understanding and association laced with purposeful relations among the various groups in the State. Our people should set the pace in democratic inclusiveness, fight poverty through practical and pragmatic initiatives, challenge unemployment, and harvest our beautiful sunshine into electricity. Governor Uzodinma is good. He also has some good men with him. I have mentioned in the past, men like Nnamdi Anyaehie, Cosmas Iwu, Ralph Nwosu, COC Akaolisa, Goodluck Opiah. Even His Excellency ‘Ikiri’ Ochinanwata Ikedi Ohakim who recently decamped to the ruling party is a man with sound political ideas.

All those who have been spreading lies about our Governor should repent now, for we will no more allow anything to distract him as he continues to give Imo people the tools, skills, and training to succeed. It is God that saw the need for good governance in Imo state that chooses to crown him governor. God wants Imo to have a leader who is committed to working tirelessly to better the state and who knows how to create jobs and grow our economy. No matter how the enemies of our state plan against our Governor, Chukwu Abiama agaghi ekwe, they will fail, for God is on his side. Certainly, Uzodinma needs the support and the cooperation of all and sundry in the state to push the state forward. I am humbled

-Kenneth Uwadi lives in Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State.

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