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Iara Oshiomole Thinning Out



Like morning dew which dries off with the emergence of the sun, the young social life of Iara ex-Edo State First Lady, has been cut short.

With her emergence as the new wife of then Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, many saw a young beauty set to take over the social scenes of her state.

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And did she? Indeed she did stepping out with her husband for parties and other high profile functions amidst open mouths, as men admire her young beauty and succulent skin.
However, in recent times, Iara’s social presence has simply withered like a flower denied adequate water in dry season. She has simply thinned out of the scene just when the ovation was building.
Blame it on the fact that her husband is no longer Governor and you might not be wrong, but who knows maybe Iara’s shine will return again.


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