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I Have Spent a Fortune On Shoes, Sunshades-John Angela Chioma



John Angela Chioma is a budding talent who is more popular as Annjay in the music industry. In this interview with us, the singer and entrepreneur talks about her music and other passions.

The Octopus News

Your fans haven’t heard from you in a while, what have you been up to?


I have been working. I am working on my music career and a new single which will drop soon. I also recently launched my hair line called “Annjay Hair”.


You also recently launched a website, what is that for?

“Annjay World” is actually my official website. It is a website where you can have up-to-date information about me and everything I am working on including the hair I sell.


Are you dumping music for business?


No I am not. What we have simply done is to expand our business frontiers. While I am a musician, I also have a business.


Let’s talk about your new passion, how has the reception for the hair being?

It’s doing well by the grace of God.


Where do your clients come from?

They cut across the globe.

There are several kinds of hair in the market now, which are you really into?

We are into Brazilian virgin human hair.

What thrills you as a musician?

Singing to thousands of people makes me feel fulfilled. Working with positive minded people from different backgrounds also makes me feel great.


How distracted have you been since your career took a rise?

Being an artiste is beautiful, but you need to take things easy because a lot of things get into your head as a musician and these things make you lose focus. However, I try to remain the person I have been.

People say Nigerian music lack content, what message do you propagate?


My songs contain basically positive messages. Before I release any work, my producer and I sit down together and work on it properly. Music is not something you rush; it requires a lot of work and time.


Do you get high before going on stage?

I am aware some artistes take drugs to help them perform on stage.  As for me, I don’t do any drugs to get inspiration. I don’t need any substance to perform on stage. I have been asked questions pertaining drugs severally in my past interviews.

Why do you think this question keeps recurring?

I don’t know why the drug questions keep coming.

What inspires your fashion?

It depends. If I am going for an event I simply look at the concept of the event. It is also the same when I have to perform at shows. The concept helps me decide what to wear on stage when performing. If it’s corporate, church or entertainment event, I will dress appropriately.

You however seem to be attracted to skimpy clothes, right?

People need to know that I’m doing my job. I shouldn’t be judged by my dressing because I expect people to understand that’s part of what entertainment is.


Should we expect to see you in any nude video soon?

No! I will never go nude no matter the amount of money.  Rejecting such an offer won’t make me a lesser entertainer.


Tell us about your style?


My style focuses on my hair and dressing. I always want the best for myself.


Are you a trend person?

I love to look good and comfortable. I don’t follow trends. As long as the outfit looks perfect on me it’s good to go. Don’t expect me to follow any trend. I’m the wrong person to expect such from.




What is your biggest fashion accessory?

My shoes and sunglasses, I like them a lot. My room is full of all sorts of shoes. I have spent a little fortune on shoes, sunglasses and perfumes. I don’t joke with these things.

A lot of entertainers are getting married, are you thinking in that line?

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but that is not my focus right now. Let’s talk about my career. However, I believe in the institution called marriage. At the moment, my career comes first.


Tell us about the man in your life, will you?


I don’t want to talk about that. However, I can tell you about my ideal man.


Tell us

He must be smart and intelligent.  Above all, he must be God fearing because when he’s God fearing, he can help me build my career and family.


What lessons has life thought you?

Life has taught me to be strong, always expect challenges, never give up and don’t depend on anyone except God.


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