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I have a religious side -Beverley Osu




Since her audacious actions in the last edition of the Big Brother Africa reality show, Beverly Osu has been trailed by unpalatable comments. In this interview with our REPORTER she spoke about her personality and her supposed porn pictures in circulation.

You recently attended the awareness launch for the One Million Man March Against Drug Abuse; what motivated this?
Apparently, as a youth I know one or two things about drug abuse because it is not all about dealing with cocaine. It still boils down to the intrigues of how people use things like cough syrup excessively. I have seen how young people abuse drugs. A lot of people use cough syrup to get high. It is not good because it causes crystals in the body. A lot of youths don’t know this but it is bad. In controlling drug abuse, I think we should start from the local pharmacy. If you don’t have a prescription for a drug from professional doctor, please don’t buy any drug base on self medication or friends’ adivce. That is where we should start from. As for why I am identifying with the organiser, it is simply because the campaign is beneficial.

What do you hope to contribute?
I can only give the youth my voice for now. I can tell my friends not to do this or that. The campaign concerns everybody including me talking to you.
What is life after Big Brother Africa like?
Life after the show has been beautiful. There is nothing I can’t handle. I am usually a very busy person and right now I am really unstable. I don’t have a responsibility that would make me say I am here for the week, and I think that is the good side because good things are coming out from me.
A lot of negative things have been said about you since you returned from BBA; how does this make you feel?
There is a negative side to everything in life. Is not everything people say about you is true, but I do not allow it to affect me or even think about it.
Do you regret your actions in the Big Brother House?

I don’t feel sorry because I was myself throughout my staying there. I cannot apologise if I don’t know exactly what I did. You are living your life and likewise I. I needed a platform for myself and I found one which everybody enjoyed. If you find yourself locked up in the house for 91 days, then you will understand what it is like. I am a person who doesn’t criticize people and I don’t expect to be criticized.
A picture of a lady looking like you recently surfaced on Twitter; and people are saying you are the one and that you were involved in a pornographic movie; what do you have to say about it?
Honestly, the girl looks like me and I cannot deny it. I cannot say that the picture is a photoshop because that is not what it is. I don’t know where that picture came from, but anybody who knows me well will realise that person is not me because we are different. They can do what they want to do, it will only break me inside, but I will still be strong. Nigerians don’t appreciate their own. The way Nigerians treat their own by not appreciating them is not the way we are treated outside the country. I know how we appreciate people who come from Tanzania. If you appreciate your own, other countries would appreciate you too.
Earlier on you made mention that you are busy now; what are you up to?
My presence at this event was a last minute call thing. Few days ago, I lost my grandmother. My mother and I want to bury her. I have things to work on; I have school to attend and so many other things. It is very hectic right now, but I am trying to take them one after the other.
You were quoted as saying that you made Nigeria proud while in the Big Brother Africa house; a lot of people don’t agree with you. What is your view about this?

Well, if they don’t agree that I made Nigeria proud, then, they should just try and get into any reality show next year. Even if it is a beauty pageant, I think everybody should go for it. It is how you present yourself that matters. Apparently, all these will last for a period of time, but if I am still on people’s lips till next year, then I will know that I am relevant. But if the topic slips away, then I know Nigerians are just hypocrites.
Your romance with Angelo, is it for real or just a fling?

Angelo and I are an item, and that is final.
What do you mean by an item?
That is the way I love to describe it.
How would you describe the real Beverly Osu?
I am a very free spirited person, and I am very calculated.

There is the music video side of you and an emerging new career as an actress, which takes more precedence?

The music video side of me is one thing I am trying to push aside because I have new beautiful projects coming up. There are different sides to Beverly, I have like 17 different personality. There is the religious side too.

Are you saying that you are a religious person?
I have a very religious side. I also have a crazy side, a very stubborn personality, a focused and calculative side. It is just too many.
What side of Beverly’s personality flaunts her body wearing a bra and pant?
That is the side that appreciates herself

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