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I don’t like tall, good-looking guys – Splash





Splash is a fast-rising music artiste, signed on August Pee Entertainment label. Her fan base recently increased when she dropped a single titled ‘Church Agbasa’.

Though she has spent barely three years in the music industry professionally, and rather than be described as an up and coming artiste, Splash would rather prefer to be called an outgoing entertainer. According to her, that statement means that she is almost there. Her words: “Saying I am an outgoing artiste means I am one step away from blowing as a musician.”

Real name Genevieve Ogbuewu, she claimed she had always loved doing music but had to give her education attention. That is why it has taken her a while to explode in the industry.

So, how did her music career begin? Splash revealed that she was motivated by a friend who is a musician. “I was motivated by a friend who is also a musician. Smith, that is his name, noticed I was always listening to rap music; then he used to write songs. I was not writing at that time. But I could score and voice them. He was the first person who took me to a studio and since then I have never looked back.”

Splash also calls herself an extremist as whatever she sets her mind to do, she goes all out to achieve it. “When I first came here, I met K Solo, who picked interest in me and encouraged me. But, unfortunately, he didn’t have the financial muscle to back me up. He was just doing the little he could do. Later, I met some other people including music artiste, H Man, who came to work at K Solo’s studio and we did a song together and became friends.”

She told that the song, ‘Church Agbasa’, was motivated by her drive for something unique. Splash said: “In everything I do, I like to stand out. If you look at my hairstyle and my dress sense you will agree. I like to look different, I was wearing a Mohawk, but now I have braided my hair. If you want to see me in my trademark hairstyle, it would be a Mohawk.  My uniqueness reflects in everything I do, my music and my life. I was just in the studio and I know I had to do something unique. Anyone, who has listened to the song, would realise that I dropped punch line from the intro till the end; that was a calculated attempt. I actually titled the song after recording it because I knew that I had to give it a title that would attract massive attention. Even though the song sounded too local, it worked out for me.”

Ask if she is not worried about the image the single is painting, Splash stated that “the song itself is not too street; it is the title that is. I have studied the industry and realised that people tend to reject a particular kind of song just to create the impression that they belong to a class, but the truth is that in their bedroom they dance to it. I always tell people that street song is the new cool.

People like what they can identify with and ‘Church Agbasa’ is like an Igbo adage that has been there and forgotten for a long time, but I brought it back.”

Just in case you are wondering what ‘Church Agbasa’ means, the cute

artiste says: “It means end of discussion or case closed. It is something like that. Basically, for me, I am trying to use the song to tell people that I have arrived and every other thing or person should stop for me.”

Apart from ‘Church Agbasa,’ Splash has done other singles including a song with Oritse Femi titled ‘Minijojo’ and another with Mistro. She said she has done enough songs to drop an album, but she needs to build up the buzz before dropping it. Hear her: “We have started getting calls from people who are interested in the album, people like marketers but I want the street to demand for it earnestly before I drop it.”

Asked what her unique fashion sense is, she said: “I like to look different. I wouldn’t describe my fashion style as crazy but I would rather say it is outstanding. People always notice me when I step into places despite my stature. It is always easy to pick me out from the audience. There are some artistes who after you finish watching their video, you forget their face. I try to make mine look different and unique so you don’t forget my face,” she stated.

Though still single, Splash speaks on her kind of man.

“I like free spirited people, I don’t have a tag, I won’t say I want a tall, dark and good looking guy. For me, character speaks. I want a man I will be with and still be myself; I don’t want to be someone else. God-fearing and good character are okay for me,” she concluded.




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