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I Am Still An Up And Coming Artist-Mr Real




With his hit single Legbegbe, Mr. Real won the hearts of a lot of music lovers. In this interview with us, he spoke on his road to fame and how his dad didn’t want him to be a musician.

Much was not known about you before Legbegbe, what have you been up to?

I have been in the music industry for 10 years, but Legbegbe was my breakthrough. I have been doing songs and I have been dropping songs, but nobody recognised me. So, I guess the Legbegbe vibe brought out the man.

Do you mean to say that none of the songs you dropped got accepted?

Maybe it wasn’t the right time. When your time comes, no man can stop your shine.

Were you doing the Legbegbe kind of tune?

Yes. I was doing that kind of vibe and I was doing another kind of vibe because Mr. Real is an artist that is versatile. I don’t do one vibe, I do a lot of other vibes. I guess I did Legbegbe and it came out at the right time.

You are known for one sound, how do you explain your claim to being versatile?

Watch out for Mr. Real and before the end of this year, you will hear something different from me.

One major talking point which has trailed Mr. Real is your ability to drop another hit like Legbegbe, what do you say to that?

The truth is that everything depends on God. Legbegbe being a hit is not by my power or might. It is not like the song is the best, but the favour of God fell on me. It just happened the way it did, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. I believe that my next single is going to be a hit. I just pray that it is better and bigger than Legbegbe.

A lot of people argue that Legbegbe was motivated by the unfortunate experience of Seun Egbegbe, is this true?

Well, that is what they say. I don’t know about that, but I know that the inspiration came, I vibe on it and it just happened. Whatever they are saying about the song on the street doesn’t really matter. I just told a story.

Do you know Seun Egbegbe?

No, I don’t know him and I have never met him.

Do you feel sorry for him?

Of course, I do. I heard about the story and his inability to meet up with his bail condition.  I feel sorry for the victim and I hope a miracle happens so that he can be freed.

Were you always Mr. Real because people hardly knew the name until two years ago?

I wasn’t Mr. Real until recently. I used to be known as Real Self. I wanted to drop a new song and I just thought of a new name. I thought that I had been known by the name and nothing was happening, so I thought that I should re-brand and give myself something simple. So, I took away the Self and added a Mr. to the Real and it becomes Mr. Real.

It has been singles for you, when is the album dropping?

It can happen anytime because the songs are ready. It depends on the vibes that comes. However, it is likely going to be this year.

Tell us about your fashion, what inspires it?

I inspire my own fashion. When I wake up and I know the event I am attending, I decide on what to put on. I decide if it is going to be a suit or a shirt and trouser. Nobody styles me, I style myself.

What stage would you say your career is presently?

I am an up and coming artist. I have not yet done anything because I am still looking up to 2face and he is doing it like he has not yet blown. So, who am I? I am not even an up and coming artist, I have not even gotten there.

You have a good sense of humour, what inspires it?

My family. I come from a very responsible and religious family. It is not that my family is poor or couldn’t provide for me, I am the one who went into the street because I felt that being a good boy doesn’t put food on the table and it doesn’t make you a star. So, you have to do something different. I decided to go into the street and hustle for myself. When I tell people that Mr. Real has hawked Gala, Pure Water, Sun Top and has even scavenged dust sites they don’t believe. Forget that I am fresh today.

Who is your biggest fan?

My mum is my biggest fan. My dad didn’t like the fact that I was doing music. He wanted me to be a businessman, an importer, but I wanted to do music. So, we kept fighting and fighting. We never settled. Unfortunately, he is dead today.

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