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I am a versatile artiste- Tiveri





Many might consider Producer cum music artiste Tiveri a new comer, but he doesn’t agree with that tag. In this interview with Our Reporter, he dwells on his antecedents, and what he has in stock for his fans.

You are a flagship artiste on your label; tell us what it has been like?

I can’t say that it is a smooth road because everything has its ups and down, but so far it’s been superb.

What is superb about your relationship with Illnostro Records?

They treat me in a way I need to be treated; they appreciate me and make me feel special. They are ready to push you and deliver your message to the consumers out there.

Can you tell us about your kind of music?

I am a versatile artiste, a musician. I could come when you don’t expect basically. I could just give you what you want when you want it. That’s the way it is.

Doesn’t that make you a jack of all trades?

It doesn’t. It’s about you telling me what you want and I making sure that you get it. I guess I know the mind of the people because I am on the street too.

How would you describe the level you are presently as an artiste?

I would describe myself as legendary.


You sound very proud, don’t you think so?

I am not proud. I know what I am worth and I know what I can do. I have been there for a longtime. I did a song with Looney and that’s way back before I joined Illnostro. I don’t want anyone to see me as being proud. I am the regular guy you see on the street and you say hi and I probably hug you. I don’t think I am proud. It’s just that I know what I want and my level.

The title legendry which you have given to yourself would be considered too big for you by some people, what have you done to earn it?

I have worked for a lot of people. I have worked for Shank, Oritsefemi, Obiwon, Magnito and a whole lot of people.

When you say you worked for them what do you really mean?

I worked for them as a producer. I was really known as a producer before I decided to sing.

What inspired your decision to start singing?

I was tired of hearing people singing bad song. I knew I could do it properly and decided to sing.

Who would you consider your contemporary in the production industry?

I can’t really mention a particular name because I don’t feel threatened by any one. I respect a lot of people, but I would classify myself as legendary because I know what I am aiming at and what I want to give to the people. The question is are you ready?. I really want to affect everybody with the music I do.

What should your fans expect from your legendary album?

It is going to be real big because we have been working for a longtime. The album is ready and my fans should expect nothing but ever green song.

What inspires your kind of songs?

My songs are inspired by life situation, my immediate surroundings, what I see and spontaneity. Those are what inspire my kind of song.

Who do you consider your mentors in the industry?

I consider a lot of people my mentor because they have been killing the music industry for a long while and they are still doing it. I am talking of people like 2face, he is the boss in terms of freestyle. I also love Wande Coal too. I look up to a whole lot f people in the industry like I said earlier, but the way the game is you don’t have to feel inferior or consider someone as been superior to you. You have to come out with your charisma on point. We are creating a brand.

There has been a trend of flagship artiste reacting negatively when their label sign new artiste, tell us how would you react if it happens?

I will be excited. It won’t be good to give fans one dose, I like it overdose. We would relate well.

Wont you feel bad when your label picks more interest on a particular artiste who met you on the here?

I won’t feel bad. Basically, what it means is that I am not working hard enough. I will just double my effort. There is no need for me to feel bad it is what you give that you get back.

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