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Why I Dumped Clarence Peters-Tesh Carter




Tesh Carter is a music artiste who has been hibernating for some time now. In this interview with Our Repoter, she speaks on what she has been up to and more.

Where have you been all this while?

I have been working on a whole lot of stuffs. People think I have been away for a very long while. Well, I actually have been away for a long while, but I have not been playing. I have been working. I have had to finish school and I have been in the studio working.

Tell us a little of what you have been doing in the studio for the four years

I have been recording a whole lot of songs and I think my album should be complete by now. I have a whole lot of stuffs that I have been working on. I am not just focusing on rap these days; I am basically doing everything that I can. I am still doing Hip hop, I am doing RnB, Dancehall, and Highlife. I am basically putting my hands in every basket.

Do you think that’s a good idea, fans should know you for something?

I think as a music artiste you shouldn’t just stick to one kind of sound because you will get boring at some point. I feel you should be very versatile and you shouldn’t just be at a point every time. You should be able to do other things. I don’t think I will like seeing myself doing just one thing.

Don’t you think your fans will get lost when they realize you are doing Rap, RnB, Afro and now Hip Hop?

I don’t think they will get lost because at the end of the day when you hear my songs you will still hear my sounds in it. Even if I am doing highlife it doesn’t mean you will get lost in the song because you will still feel that Tesh Carter which you know.

Are you being forced to change the kind of music you do?

Basically, it is just about me expressing myself. I am not being forced to do this kind of music. It is actually what I feel like doing. I don’t see anything bad in it, as an artiste if you can do everything why not do it.

What was responsible for the transformation?

I don’t think there was a transformation. In as much as I was tagged a rap artiste I also used to sing. I actually started to sing before I started rapping. It is just that most of the songs I released were rap singles. Apparently, I was tagged a rap artiste. It is not a transformation it has always been in me.

A lot of people know the old Tesh Carter, what will the new one be like?

At this point in my career I feel like I have explored every possible part that I can. I just feel that I am way better than I used to be and I am more comfortable and confident right now.

A lot of people speculated different things on why you left your former music label, Capital Hill, how did your relationship with them start?

I need to state it here that before I got signed to Capital Hill I was basically running around recording this track and that track. I got a call from Capital Hill, Clarence Peter actually called me, he wanted to speak with me and discuss. When he called me I was actually shocked because I hadn’t done much and he was already calling me. So, I went to see him and two days later we started recording.

Just like that?

Yes, just like that.

Did you sign a contract?

The thing with Capital Hill is that I didn’t sign any contract with them. We just had a verbal agreement. Two days after meeting them we started recording and making plans for release. That was how my relationship started with Capital Hill.

Why didn’t you ensure you got signed before work began?

I kept on bringing it up, but it never came to my table and I just let it be.

Were there issues between you and Capital Hill?

I never had issues with them

A lot of people won’t agree with that answer, don’t you think so?

I can walk into Capital Hill right now. I don’t have issues with anyone. I am cool with everyone their Clearance, Illbliss, Chidinma. They are my people and I am cool with them at the end of the day. It is just that I know what I want and I need to get what I want.

What did you want with Capital Hill?

I wanted to be able to explore myself. I felt that I was been confined at Capital Hill and there was a whole lot going on too.

A whole lot like what?

For instance, Illbliss was an artiste and he wanted to take up management and I felt it was clashing; it wasn’t working because he also had to focus on himself. I also wanted to work with a bunch of people that are not artistes. That is one of the reasons why I left Capital Hill.

Tell us some of the other reasons, will you?

Not today.

Can we get a peek into your new romance with Illnostro Records, did they call you from the blues too?

Basically, my sister is friends with one of my bosses and it so happen that they were having a discussion one day about me and he was like okay bring her over let’s check her out. The next day we sat down in the studio, discussed and things just happened like that.

Things seems to be happening for you just like that, is because you are pretty?

I guess I am lucky.

Could it be because you are beautiful?

I don’t think so. I think the talent comes first because before anything happens they have to listen to what I have got. It’s not like they just see me and sign me. They have to listen to what I have to offer. I am talented and things work for me.

Don’t you think that you are over blowing your trumpet?

No I am not.

Tell us why you signed on to Illnostro Records because it should be more than your sister being a friend of your boss?

Honestly, I had to go and think about the offer for about two days before accepting it. The reason why I joined Illnostro Records is because they have a plan, they want to make great music, they want to push grate music. There is so much they want to do and its inline with what I want to achieve also. So basically, that’s the reason why I decided to sign with them.

Artistes signing comes with a lot of goodies, what did yours bring your way?

Trust me the only thing I am interested in right now is my music. The contract I signed entails that they promote my music and that’s all I care about right now.

Is that all the contract says?

There is a whole lot that the contract says, but I don’t need to dwell on that. Basically, the main thing is that my music gets promoted and it’s going to be everywhere.

Where do you see this relationship with Illnostro Records going knowing several of such signings have hit the rock?

I don’t think we are going to have issues because we all have the same motives; we all want to achieve the same thing and be better for each other. I don’t see us having any issues and if any such thing happens probably we are not praying enough. But I don’t think we are going to have issues everything will be smooth from here.


Let us into your soon to be released album, what’s the title?

There is no title yet. We don’t even have a working title. When the title is ready you will be informed. Basically, I have been recording a whole lot of songs. I can say my album is ready because I can pick songs from what I have done and combine them to make an album. I can also decide to still record more songs. As at now, I have enough songs to make an album.

So we should expect to see several genres of music in the album, right?

Different genres yes.

You will be facing a rough road competing with names such as Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade, are you ready for this?

I am extremely prepared. I have been in the industry before I joined Illnostro Records and I think I have an idea of how it works. And right now the break I also took made me realize that there is actually a whole lot to achieve. I think I am actually prepared right now to compete with anybody, make a name for myself, and stand in my lane. I don’t need to compare myself to anybody right now or see anybody as a competitor. The most important thing is to stay in my lane and do well.

Would you say that you would give the likes of Omawunmi and Asa a run for their money?

Of course

There are a lot of fine young male artistes in the industry, who would you want to be romantically involved with?

There is nobody I am attracted to right now, nobody in the industry. I am focused on my music and I don’t have time for games or play. I am fully focused on my music.

Tell us something a lot of people don’t know about you

Well, I watch a lot of music. I watch documentaries and I love cartoons. I listen to music when I am relaxing. I draw a lot. Just recently I started to get into animation also. I am pretty good at animation right now. That’s how I relax.

Is there a possibility of you dumping music for a while again?

No. The only time I would do that is when I am pregnant and that is not going to happen soon. Even when I am pregnant I could still get things done and I don’t think I am going to get into any break again. I am fully prepared to work right now.

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