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How Women Ruined Lagos Socialite Duro Soleye***Details of his present lonely life and regrets



The popular saying that the evil that men do leaves after them does not fit the situation which Lagos socialite and ladies man Duro Soleye has found himself in, as his own negative deeds are currently living with him.

Years back, when Soleye was married to Dr. Olufunmilayo Soleye, a very beautiful and patient lady he had everything going for him. Good businesses, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are loved and wonderful children too.

Basically, Soleye lived the fantasy life that most people could only imagine, watch on television or dream of. He was loved by his family, as he showered his wife and children with love and gifts, making him the most ideal man, father and husband.

All theses, were however before the devil set in and Soleye began his escapades with women. At a point, lust become his biggest problem, women became his hubby, and sleeping around became his pastime, as he allegedly dated even his secretary who had a child for him, with his legal wife, Dr. Funmilayo condoning his excess.

The record of the many women which the bearded man dated included a lady in England, who was one of his very visible mistresses anytime he travels to that part of the world. At this point, Soleye still had the money abundantly and he threw it around living in hotels for at times three months and at other times more.

Then, if Soleye’s womanising affected him financially, it was child’s play compared what happened to him when he started a relationship with Nike Oshinowo, the ex-beauty queen whom he fondly called Adenike.

Oshinowo, loved the good things of life and Soleye had the money to throw around, hence their partnership and eventual union was a match, at least till when it lasted.

Form Nigeria to Paris, back to America and then London, Brazil, Hawaii and several other lovely resorts such was the tripping that Soleye gave his lovely Adenike blowing away his savings on the beauty, spoiling her with gifts and even sponsoring her beauty pageant Miss Nigeria for two years before she withdrew from the project.

Such was the ways of Soleye that before he knew it his infatuation and the lust to date and sleep with “NIKE OSHINOWO”, a world acclaimed beauty had waned off in six years. The cord with which the union between them was tied became more of a load for their relationship than something to strengthen it, hence leading to their separation.

Presently, Soleye is the biggest loner in the world having lost his adoring wife Olufunmilayo, the kids she bore him, properties in London worth tons of naira and even the angelic Adenike for whom he sent his legitimate wife packing.

Since his separation with Oshinowo, Soleye has become a lonely man attending parties alone and looking very lost at events where he is supposed to be jolly. It is however an expected development for a man who has lost it all.

Nike and Duro Soleye when the going was good

Nike and Duro Soleye when the going was good

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